Other ways to get TftBL SHiFT rewards weapons once they are redeemned?

With some of the blue-unique weapons now being found in vending machines and grinders (e.g. the Boomacorn, The Machine), can any of the TftBL reward items (such as the Fast Talker, Company Man, Naught) also be acquired in similar ways? I love the Shock Company Man on my Athena, but I haven’t been able to find another thorugh world drops or vending machines or grinding.

Are these items only “one per SHiFT account” or can a player legitimately acquire more than one for multiple toons?

TftB stuff is…

  • Shift only
  • Can’t be a world drop
  • Only legit way I know of to get more TftB rewards after you’ve redeemed your own is to trade.