Other weapons for a Fade away sniper build?

I’m not sure what other weapons to run for my current build. Unseen Threat is the core, and I’m going to get another sniper for finishing enemies off, but I’m thinking that a decent pistol and shotgun would go a long way.

I tried the ‘recommended gear’ thread, but I’m not sure that it was updated for DLC 3, plus I’m looking for more specific advice.

King/Queen’s Call and Seventh Sense are still capable of mobbing.

Dakota, Robin’s Call, Stagecoach, x18 Bangstick and Reflux seem to be the heave lifters for shotty’s

Carrier, Rowan’s Call, Clairovoyance and Contained Blast are solid AR’s

Plaguebearer, Backburner, Ion Cannon and Plumage are probably your best bet on heavies.

Wedding Invitation, Unseen Threat, Sandhawk and Complex Rootare your best snipers. With some noise splash and AoE bonuses the Krakatoa, Storm and Firestorm are one shotters on mobs.

Grab a Reflux or Brainstormer in order to quickly cooldown your action skill with Head Count and Megavore. If you’re using Guerillas, a Bangstick is solid for nuking a target to hell with stickies. Plaguebearer is excellent for trimming crowds, while Ion Cannon or Backburner could be used during Fade Away to drop Badasses. May also want to consider a Skullmasher if you need a sniper a little more ammo efficient for mobbing (five chances to trigger Leave No Trace per trigger pull).

Clairvoiyance is a really nice AR for precision shooting


I’ve just start playing a 3 Shot Fade Fl4k since I’ve gotten the Splinter Jacobs shotgun. It looks weak as hell and feels weak on single targets, but with its special effect each pellet that crits splits into 3 pellets and with ASEs each pellet splits into 5+ pellets. So if ur cycling Fadeaways quickly each trigger pull inside of Fadeaway with ASEs activated u are creating 45+ pellets per trigger pull. I’ve blinked and missed entire mobs just chain exploding. Pistol wise myself I run with either The Duc, Unkempt Harold, or a Peashooter. Each works quite well depending on what zone ur fighting thru. Snipers I would recommend either a Skullmasher, or a Lvl 60 Wedding Invitation if u can find one in Discord. Hell even a lvl 53 unanointed one carried me thru M4/5 with proper positioning and exploiting ASEs.

For a Fade Away sniper build, I imagine you’re stacked for one-shot kill damage?

My next-favorite weapon for this is a Nimble Jack if only because I find it incredibly satisfying to use the airborne accuracy buff to concentrate all the shot on the crit spot at range. Few things are going to compete with the Unseen Threat in this use case, but this is pretty fun for some relaxed gameplay.

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Yeah, got the ‘pet taunt’ and ‘single target damage stack’ augments (forgot the exact names, sorry).

So far I’ve been having fun with the Little Yeeti.
Still trying to figure out whether I prefer the Cocky Bastard or Skullmasher as a UT backup (since my UT has 300/90 anointment).

I would reccomend a good ASE Dakota for your shotty if you cannot get your hands on a x10 Spade or x25 Stagecoach with a good annoitment.
Stonethrower is good for highly packed mobs, Clairvoyance or Soulrender work good as well.
Lightshow or Gargoyle if you run GITM, Quickdraw or Seven Sense if you run 3 shot FA.
And if you run GITM, a Flipper or Kaoson still shred, but if you want to use a Flipper i reccomend finding a COM or Artifact with a buff to charge time.

If you are running an FA sniper build, depending on whether you want to run 1 or 2 snipers (it sounded like 2), then you really need 2 other types of weapons:

  1. Something that works both up-close and personal and at mid-range; and

  2. Something to help cycle FA.

For 1, I would say that the Light Show, Flipper, Robin’s Call, Clairvoyance, Monarch, or Hellshock all would be great choices. I feel certain I am missing some really good ones too.

For 2, your only real choice there is the Reflux, or if you can’t get one of those for some reason, the Brainstormer (Redistributor can work in dense mobbing too, but if you can get a Reflux or a Brainstormer, I don’t know why you would go with the one that is hardest to farm LOL).

In my sniping builds, I usually run one “feature sniper,” typically the WI or UT, and then a Recursion, Monarch, and pistol in the 4th slot (Maggie, Light Show, and Seventh Sense all would be good choices for an FA build, or you could rock a Hydrafrost too, I really like that one).

A lot of your secondary weapon choices in a sniper build will depend on your COM passives as well.

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Light Show, Monarch, Robin’s Call and Flipper(kinda) are very capable of cycling Fade Away very well due to the high pellet count/fire rate.