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That could be the cause. They use “AttackRun”, and AttackRun works in a way that tends to feel, well, buggy.
There are minimum and maximum ranges they will shoot from in it, so a 10% range to the weapon max range can actually be a much much larger increase in the range they’ll actually fire at.

edit: Had something here that was wrong.
I don’t really think more range would effect them more since break distance is increased, and max break distance is far less than their max range. They only got like an extra 125 range of attack window on the first pass.

Anyway, it’s not worth wasting time looking into unless someone can actually confirm it by having a side by side sort of video of HW2 vs HWRM. It could just be from people not playing a while and not remembering them being that strong.

From context, I was implying that this would be a change from a default game balance/mechanic and would be based on peoples opinions on whether it should be changed.

In my opinion, this should not be changed.

I’m uploading videos right now of just how bad the lazer damage is. I had no idea until I tested it myself. Look for a new thread in an hours time.

This doesn’t surprise me Cloaked, I was talking to Kruxxen about it but he seemed to think there was no issue. It looked like they were melting everything like butter to me though…

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Watch his vid and then respond… Things are so different from classic HW2.
I don’t want to bad mouth Krux but he’s not the brightest on HW2 techs.


I like how 12 laser vs 12 torp is so funny now.

See my video’s here. Lasers are about 10x better than they were in hw2 vs torpedo frigates:

I’m just suggesting, but if developers would like to have write access to the tracker for commenting, I will enable registration.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time out to record those. Those are really needed. Just people saying things can lead to wild goose chases that waste time.

It seems Pulsars are doing double much more well, as I thought? Kind of inconclusive.
It looks like Missile corvs aren’t just beating Pulsars cause they do double and pulsars do the same… but Missile corvs do triple and Pulsars “only” do double, or something.

ran into a HW1 collector bug tonight. all collectors (6) at my expansion stacked up on top of each other, so that it looked like 1 collector. i could not move them or order them or anything. i got around it by ramming my carrier into them. this spread them apart enough to get control back… after almost 10 minutes.

Yeah you have to move your MS. When the motherships collision bounds overlaps where collectors are trying to mine, it does that.

Definitely needs looking into, though.

Taiidan MS also needs a lower collision thing, like Vaygr I think I read is getting.

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That would be great. Vaygr’s Flagship is always getting collectors stuck. And I’ve seen Taiidan do the same quite a bit.

this was not at my MS, but at my carrier which was clearly far enough away to allow room for the collectors to move around easily. i think it was the asteroids, and the collectors themselves that bugged it up.

I think Cloaked mentioned about Crimson Bond’s secondary patch on position 4 having rocks placed too close together that no matter how well you place your cc/mob cols rarely ge/t stuck? That’s roughly my memory as well.

For other rocks, even with Hig MS, if you make it right next to the rocks it will get cols stuck in some places. I’m not sure if enemy MS could block your cols but if not, could try to position them with a bit of room. It can easily happen with mobs too.

If fixing disallows mobs to get into tight spaces where cap ships can’t be placed, then I say leave it as is.

I noticed that the issues with Sphere formation are not in the bug tracker. Are those being tracked as not a bug? As a short recap, assigning ships to Sphere formation and telling them to attack or guard a target, in HW1C, will cause the sphere to surround the target. In HW1R, the sphere of ships will park itself alongside the target, completely negating the usefulness of the formation.

Momo, you have to be careful when placing mothership/controllers next to a HW2 resource patch. Many times I’ve seen HW1 collectors get stuck if my mothership is close to the patch and is faced away from it, trying to minimize the traveling distance. I usually fix this by placing mothership at 90 degree angle to the patch. When it comes to controllers, they have to be a bit of distance from the patch, otherwise collectors may get stuck. I usually check my patches multiple times during a game to make sure the collectors are still harvesting…

There definitely aware of it, though I don’t think its top of gearboxes to-do list at the moment.

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HW2 (and by extension HWR) does not have “stay in formation while guarding or attacking” code. I’m not sure if the devs will spend a bunch of time and effort trying to re-introduce it into HWR.

In reality, it’s not as useful as it sounds. Sure, it would be nice to see a bunch of corvettes freeze in place while constantly firing on a single target, but from a balance perspective you can achieve the same thing via buffing corvette damage and keeping the default ‘attack run’ behavior of HW2 units. It’s even counter-productive to frigates and above, because you really need to keep your fleet together (roughly in a wall) without sending some units ahead of others where they can be easily focused down.

As for HW1 issues, since HW1 races are still under heavy development in HWR and also the fact that I have not played classic HW1, I have not listed anything specific at this point.

I’ve asked others to manage HW1 issues if there are solid bugs and such exists at this moment.

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I’ve had collectors get stuck in patches with controllers outside the patch and no carrier or MS in sight. It is a problem with how close the rocks are and how the hit boxes on the collectors behave within the fields. I bet spreading the rocks out more would fix it, or changing the hit box on collectors.