Our loot will be useless

I’m at the stage of acceptance now. All that haunt event loot and all those ultra rare anointed gear will become useless after the third or 4th dlc. So just refarm it all I guess and go where the train takes me. Do you think there should be a way to level up gear? Maybe 3 weapons, one nade, one shield and one mod to be releveled at a cost of say 25 items of your wanted item? Also only after completing the cycle of 3-1 -1 types of items can you start a new cycle of leveling.

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No thanks. Borderlands is all about farming gear, if you take that mechanic out then people won’t try new things.


In my opinion gear eventually becoming obsolete with newer content is perfectly normal and a large part of what will keep the game fresh and interesting(and addictive).


At this point after trying out so many different weapons I feel the next level cap will be less of a burden to farm leveled gear. At this point most of us have our “ top 10” go to set ups. I for one could easily let 1/2 my gear go now and be content. Now, should they introduce a host of new gear… that’s a different story of course. What Gearbox could do to enhance the farm factor is introduce a host of new anointments on existing loot. Barring that I suspect I’ll have a lot of bank space available.

Depends how much the level stats go up exponentially. Hopefully a set of good gear will make leveling up fun. I’m guessing things will be very similar to BL2 leveling

Right… in BL2, OP gear carried you a few levels and then became useless. Then, as it is now, I have 2-3 setups I would like to level and the rest I have no problem parting with. Level cap could be a blast with some new content :blush:

Yeah alot of stuff just sit in banks anyways. Leveling up your core gear wouldn’t be bad either. New content will force people to farm anyways

I like the original idea OP mentioned. Kinda like in Destiny and Anthem how you could dismantle items then use a certain number of whatevers to craft a new weapon. That way you don’t just throw it away.

I’m happy to farm for higher gear but this is one idea that we’re seeing elsewhere that I would enjoy being brought to the BL world. I would also love it if set gear was implemented… I looooooooved that in Diablo 3. Even if it’s smaller scale like in the BL2 FFS DLC, where if you used certain rainbow gun/shield combinations you get additional perks.

This certainly feels different tho. This is just temporary gear good for 6 weeks (worst case scenario) and then its banking it for a year or trash it. My initial response was “why care in the first place”. I only recently engaged with terror mechanics after I found some items with them which were actual upgrades for me and noticed how much they affect my gameplay.

I d like to see terror mechanics persist after the event but I m really looking forward to getting rid of the skulls so probably too contradictive to accomplish until gearbox comes up with a solution which I cant think of right now.

Yes this is why I’ve saved nearly every piece of Terror gear I’ve found. I have a myraid of ways to apply terror and have already put together quite a few various builds with it. I most especially like using the Terror to supplement normal builds as I did with my Terminator Moze and a Rakk build I haven’t shared. I for one cannot wait to be rid of the non-stop cryo skulls.

Is ths your first rodeo with a BL game?
hell, with every game with weapon lvls and dlcs?

It’s been like this for EVER
giving us the option to lvl up gear just by putting it in a machine will defeat the purpose of the entire game

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The devs have the potential to keep things interesting by adding new anointments with every dlc. If new effects come out farming the same weapons will be less boring.

I think it’s plausible and reasonable to offer more than one method to obtain end-game gear at the final level cap. They could, for instance, allow us to use Eridium to level up an item (make it really expensive). If they incorporated something like that, you’d still have to farm the Eridium, but at least Eridium is much more consistent to farm, unlike gear. Otherwise, I agree that in general, Borderlands is about farming, to the extent that it doesn’t become too tedious and kill the “fun factor” of the game.

There was the grinder in the Pre-Sequel…

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The games not even got past Christmas yet so stop all this worrying about level cap raises and loot being worthless. As i recall from previous games the first level upgrade was only a few levels and the loot you had easily covered the new grind for better gear and you had new areas and new bosses to grind for it. I bet there wont be anything major until next year so just chill and enjoy the events.

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I really liked the grinder as a concept and I wouldn’t mind if they brought it back.

But yeah, as a player of Borderlands games knowing full well that there will be a level cap increase I just have fun with the game and the gear I have. One good thing is that we should have the assigned loot drops patched before the level cap increase, so getting our favorite gear shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. And don’t forget that we will have DLC coming up. We won’t be running out of content anytime soon, so rerunning it to level up and get good gear shouldn’t be too much of a chore either


short answer is no long answer is also no.

Loot drops are pretty good on tvhm mayhem 3 and it’s not needed but if you put in 3 legendaries, one grenade and class mod and then found 25 of the same type only then would they all level up and no other way. It would be very hard to find 25 of each especially class mods. I’d implement this system. Eridium or even badass kill count would be a bit too easy imo

I’ll gladly farm all the gear again for sure, I love mindlesly killing mobs or bosses for hours. Put on some tunes and wreck face haha.

I only hope they redo the BH event at one point, cause my Terror build I have now on my Siren is pretty bonkers. It would be a drag to do the whole event again, with all those freaking skulls all the freaking time, but I’d do it again (and probably complain again here on the boards about all those freaking skulls flying around all the freaking time haha).

I kind of wish they wouldn’t increase the level cap. I like the finality of having max-level characters and farming for max-level gear that will stay with me for good.

That said, I’m not feeling too strongly about it either way; I’m still in the process of leveling all 4 classes to 50, and by the time I’ll have managed that, the 1st level cap increase might already be out. Or perhaps I’ll take a break from the game until it’s released. So I won’t have a lot of hard-earned gear I’ll be forced to abandon.