Our lord and savior, Snowdrift relics

Brothers and sisters of the Borderlands. Most of us have no need of pitiful “Deathless relics”. We have no need of slam auras, or melee lifesteal.

What we need, is Speed. Speed has no cooldown. Speed needs no build. Speed is speed. Speed is eternal.

With speed, you get the snowball. Snowball is the greatest ally. Snowball tracks enemies. Snowball can hit midair enemies. Why use a rocket launcher, when your snowball does 5 thousand damage, and slows the enemy?

Snowdrift is not a merciful god, however. Our greatest fear is cryo. vehicles are the archenemy of Snowdrift. If you become a heathen and attempt to get in a vehicle after sliding, you are punished by freezing your car.

All hail Snowdrift, our god.