Our sunrise, Miko fan-fic

(Just a forewarning: I am not an avid fan-fic writer. I prefer to write other types of things; however, I love the Miko character and wanted to write something about it. Not the best but eh.)

-History of the known Universe, A. Mikoploria’s evolution-
-Entry recorded by the red observer’s off of the sentient ‘Miko’s’ words-

Once, many suns ago, we were blind. Blind and alone. We had ourselves, of course, but we still could not see.

We never needed to see, and we never thought about sight. It was a timeless moment. We floated in the eternal darkness, feeling our way up the trees and mountains. Knowing the soft tap of rain.

We found solace in the darkness.

Then suddenly it was different for us. Our skin pulled back and there was light in our world. It was soft and purple. Like our mountain selves. We know the ones. We sit inside the caves and we grow soft with the pitter patter of cave rain. Oh, we ramble.

Our first eye remembers.

We remember.

It is such a gift to have light. When the darkness came to us it broke something. She, our sun, was so nice. We remember when she warmed us, even in the darkness. All we had then was the cold.

We will once again feel the soft warmth, but this time it will be the warm touch of blood. Our hands will feed. Our eyes will never see another sunrise, but we will see the sunset of those who slaughtered it.

-Professional opinion on received data from ‘Miko’-
It seems that the creature known as ‘Miko’ has suffered a tremendous loss, in the form of its planet. Perhaps it feels a sense of guilt for not saving the planet? Either way one thing is certain: ‘Miko’ has a strong bloodlust against its enemies. Indeed, I personally fear this creature, and I’ll be damned if I was its enemy. Luckily it is on our side for the moment. My condolences to those families of the JENNERIT who have fallen at his hand. For they suffered a most painful death. Though, in this observers personal opinion, they were asking for it.

Red Observer Sachthukale signing out
Solar date XXXXXXX


awesome work. As a writer myself I know things might not seem that good when you want to share them, but trust me, it is.

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Hey thank you so much, that means a lot!