Our wishlist for new DLC

With Jythri hinting at more DLC for our beloved Battleborn, I think it’d be a good idea to make a topic where we all talk about thing’s we’d want out of a continuation to the story. (i.e.: possible factions, new characters, story ideas)

This’ll be a topic to discuss on things and maybe give ideas to the devs??(maybeplease??)
Oooor, maybe we’ll hit a nail in the head and predict something that they were planning to add into the game!

Also, be prepared to see spoilers.

To start things off, here’s something I’ve wanted since the beginning of the game: more info on the Magna Carta.
Now pretty much all we know about this thing is 1: it kept the magnuses in check, and 2: it just up and "went dark."
What if they made a story (or more likely) OP mission revolving around this? It center around the Magna Carta reappearing and the magnuses (mainly ISIC) trying to fight or destroy it, with Phoebe and Kleese trying to help it get itself running.
((I just want more info on the Magna Carta. Help me I’m dying here))

On the idea of factions, a lot of people are saying that they want a Varelsi faction, and that idea’s great, but it got me thinking of my own faction idea: a suvivor faction.
Like, the varelsi don’t have much of an incentive to betray their species and join the resistance, as far as we know, but with Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar, (SPOILERS!!!) we know that Empress Lenore is still alive. (sorry, I don’t know how to hide spoilers yet) So what if characters that had been taken or previously presumed killed by the varelsi returned from the void and joined the cause?

So let’s keep posting what we want to see next for Battleborn. Maybe our wishes will be granted. :smiley:


Something in the theme of FEAR but much scarier.



[spoilers]insert spoiler text here[/spoilers]

I want a Rogue locale. We took care of LLC with TFR but not the Rogues yet


Toby’s Friendship Raid 2: The Rise of Nega-Toby.

I think they should make it about me and the other Rogues overcoming adversity through the power of FRIENDSHIP!! Oh, and at the end, i KICK THE SH*T OUT OF MY EVIL SELF FOR TELLING THE OTHERS THAT I PEED ON DRY LAND THAT ONE TIME!!

Oh, no… I-I just spoiled the ending… SORRY!!


Love to see more story missions instead of ops. The story missions are just much more narratively cohesive than the ops, which suffer because they’re successive playthroughs of the same thing (except for Montana, as the narrative actually makes sense in that one).

It would be nice to fight new enemy types and see new boss types (no more spider sentries or giant thralls, please! :slight_smile: )

Better skin rewards (or something entirely new!). No more green and purple color swaps, please. Something with a bit more detail and variety would be great.

New locations to explore. Even if there are only a few planets, seeing different sides of them would be nice - unless the planets truly do have the same landscape 100% of the time with no variance, which would stink.

Oh, and Nova in that robot suit. Kleese?


I just want the Magna Carta to be another LLC character that’s even more batshit than any magnus.


It’s cool, Tobes, we’ve all done it
I did it at a KISS concert summer of 2014.


I would be enamored for more Story Operations.
Expanding on the lore of BattleBorn in a way that we can experience it for ourselves is always a blast, but I’d pay big money to get an Op or even a whole new campaign of sorts done in the same vein as Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep from Borderlands 2

Maybe Orendi has a storytime session with some…fortunate BattleBorn?

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Not if you’re Finisci…

Hey I ain’t judging
I’m Texan

I too want to learn more about the Magna Carta, I do like the slight mystery about all of it, but an OPS centered towards all the Magni specifically would be cool. As long as it’s uh… mostly not KU.

But I’d also like to know more about the Rogues, and specifically, Shayne and Aurox, actually. Their dynamic is I think a very interesting one and I’d love to learn more about the guayota.
Ooh, and more about Orendis species. I’d love to meet another varimorph. Just, more about the Rogues. Anything. Please. Whiskey. Cough.

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Kill two birds with one stone. “OP 6: Nova vs the Magna Carta”.


Nova needs to be introduced through an Op. It needs to be an event . We need to have a mini lore party accompany her arrival, and play it up as much as possible. And she needs to be overly positive and supportive and have everyone hate her for it

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I’m seeing a whole sequence built around several of the battleborn stealing the robot suit from Kleese for Nova.


I would love to see what Mellka is doing and how she looked before her current hair style!!!

I know I wanna see more skins and taunts
Hell I want Borderlands themed ones

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If she has formal attire and long hair though can we make her look kinda sad? I feel like that would fit her character the best

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So I’m not the only person that felt the nature of the Operations skewered the process of delivering a cohesive story.

Operations work well if it’s retelling a tale or past event (OP1), somewhat forcing the players to go through a specific trial 10 times (OP3), and have numerous characters giving their perspective or insight over a subject that is whimsical (OP4). In the case of OP1 and OP4, the story took place in the past.

The moment where it becomes somewhat lore heavy and takes place in “real time”, then the nature of Operations kinda falls apart. Because it suddenly makes no sense whatsoever that the players need to do this 10 times.

If OP2 were to be a story mission format, it would be either be 1 long-ish mission, or 2 separate missions with the narrative connected to one other. The former would be something like the Battleborn are forced to go through Nega-Toby’s forces, successfully rescue Toby by killing Nega-Toby, then Toby fights along side the team until we reach the Lorrian. The latter would be we fight till Toby is rescued, we jump into the lifeboats, and then we start the second mission by crash landing on the next ship but this time we have Toby along side us the entire mission till we find the Lorrian.

The dialogue of OP2 could be incorporated all in one take, pretty much, and the message would’ve gotten through regardless. I saw no proper justification why we had to run through OP2 10 times when the story felt so disjointed.

The format of Operations really hurts the narrative of OP5. Again, did Phoebe found 10 different yet identical ruins, each activating a piece of a puzzle to reach the secret ending on playthrough 10? Or was it actually that Phoebe and her team reached the secret ending on the first take, yet the format of Operations forces 10 different takes, while Rath, Beatrix, Kelvin and Miko are definitely interesting together, it does not justify the need for 10 runs.

This is not an attack about the Operations being highly replayable, but it makes it hard to suspend my disbelief when I hear Rath go, “This guy again?!” or “And yet here we are deciding what to do with it (the portal technology).” when we’ve raided this ruin 9 times at this point. So why is this guy here again when we killed him so many times already? Or why did you guys not do anything the first time you were here?

If Season 2 of PvE ever hits us, perhaps GBX should add both Operations and Story missions depending on what lore they want to share. Each type has their strengths and weaknesses, but it is a lot more helpful to use one format over the other if it could maximize the strength and mitigate the weaknesses.

And Nega Toby uses a transformable frame so his mobile suit/mech can transform into variable modes, uses multiple beam weaponry, has a extendable mace instead of a mine that smashes things to pieces in one hit, has both a physical shield and energy shield, is extraordinarily fast, and can fly.

Tune down his mobile mech/armor/suit, and it can be mass produced.

His personal unit also incorporates liquid metal.

It’s a much, much more terrifying than Berg in every conceivable way where every part of its design is to be able to easily crush flippers.

We need more Nega Toby. Seriously.

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I-I mean… He gives me a REALLY hard time… But i GUESS if you guys want him-

HEY!! Crosses flipper and looks away. I take it back. NO NEGA-TOBY FOR YOU!!