Out Now! Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck

Is it actually worth coming back to the game yet for this new dlc? I’ve heard its really disappointing

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There’s 2 lines of dialog that explain why Krieg got on the train at the start of Borderlands 2… So yeah finish the game. Technically dlc is main game that couldn’t be implemented by the time of initial release shrugs

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Drop rates are terrible in this dlc for dedicated drops, and does the blood starved beast even come in full auto because out of the 325 times ive killed evil lillith ive only ever gotten 3 and all of them are burst or semi. Drop rates are infuriating all around especially considering im playing on m10.

I finished this last night. Disappointing would be an accurate description. Without a major upgrade that somehow makes it interesting to continue playing, this game is gone.


Dear Gearbox,

I just finished this 4th DLC, and to make it short (sic), it is disappointing and lackluster.

We were promised answers to Pandora’s mysteries and about 15 €/$ of content.

(there you clearly say we should uncover the mystery behind Pandora’s psycho’s madness)

Sadly, Psycho Kriek DLC does not hold to those promises:

  • Most side missions are just making the player stand front of an npc and listen to him, click 2 buttons, and we’re done. No combat, no exploration. For the 3 side missions that don’t match this description, only 1 arena side-zone room is used per map.
  • We only have 3 new playable zones, 1 new “hub”, and 1 boss fight map.
  • There is only 1 type of crew challenge.
  • The plot does NOT answer anything, with the WORST possible end: “I have to check the data, I may tell you something later” (and this is not to avoid spoilers, that’s almost litterally what Tannis says at the end).

That is far from the 15 €/$ of content we used to have in previous paid DLC.
Just compare to Heist on Handsome Jackpot DLC, DLC4 is roughly half of DLC1 content.

I have lost confidence in your work, and will not buy any more full-price products from you, unless you repair this in some way. I may suggest that you extend this DLC with an update, adding the missing zones/maps, sidequests and crew challenges, at no extra cost, and only for the owners of this lacking DLC.



I have seen up to 200 convergences maybe 25-30 with sntnl cryo but are not elemental, im fairly certain it just does not exist.

Yeah I don’t think that is going to happen.

Probably not, but if you never ask…

I guess I would’ve enjoyed this DLC if Mayas platforms were actually solid so I could ACTUALLY play it…but hey, we’re GearBox customers. This should be expected right?

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Don’t worry I’m sure with all the money they made from this game will go into Wonderlands and make it a better game Right!..…………Right!!!


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