Out of BL1, TPS, and BL2, which game did you spend the most time on?

I can easily say that I spent the most time on BL1. Before I quit gaming a while back for like three years I remember playing the living hell out of BL1. Farming and exploring the armory was my favorite thing to do. The zombie DLC also made me had a blast. I easily put the most time into that one.

For now I’m just finishing up BL2 since I never finished it. I might surpass the time that I spent on BL1 with BL2 since it’s getting me pretty hooked.

As for TPS, it was fun, but I lost replay value once I hit 60 because there aren’t any pearls and because I’m waiting for the next DLC. Once those are released I’ll hop back on there for a while.

How about you guys? Which one did you spend the most time on/will you spend the most time on in the future?

I switch between all three games depending on my mood. I can’t say which one I have spent the most time on.

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Most of my time is spent with Borderlands 1.

Probably BL2. I started BL1 less than a year before before BL2 came out, then switched to BL2 right at launch. I played TPS from launch, went back to BL2 for a bit, back to TPS, back to BL1, and currently back on TPS. I am NOT going to total up the hours spent on each game, though!

I’ve put a ridiculous amount of hours into both BL1 & BL2. Both of which I still play all the time (currently playing BL1).

TPS has spent more time on the shelf than in the disc tray since owning it. I’m looking forward to the Claptrap DLC and respawning bosses to spark my interest in it again.

So far, probably BL1. I’ll have to check and add up the numbers to be sure. But all BL games have that quality that hooks me for long periods of time. I have barely turned on my Xbox One since getting TPS on the 360.

BL2 but I think TPS can overtake it.

BL2. No question.

I like BL1 alot, but somehow I never fell in love with it. Maxxed out my Roland and Mordecai, and had my Lilith and Brick around 50+ but never really got into the endgame.

BL2, on the other hand, was a game where I had all six characters maxxed out and specced out with max gear for each level cap. Meaning hundreds of hours of farming. It never felt like a grind to me. I loved the game and somehow never got tired of it. Wether I was weapon farming or increasing badass rank it was all enjoyable.

I got addicted to BL2 2 years ago and I doubt that I will spend the same amount of time in BL1 or TPS (Both of them have almost the same playtime according to my steam record)

A related question – Which year did you spend more time gaming – 2013, 2014 or 2015? Just a little Friday Snark! I’d be surprised if anyone has very many hours into TPS compared to the others though, we just getting started up in hyahh!

BL2 and only because TPS “just” came out.

BL 2 I think because I got BL 1 before it was on Steam…hell, before Steam even came out. :open_mouth: I’ve probably put the same amount of hours in both though, but I never kept track of my BL 1 hours.

Bl1 definetly.

I have so many characters, and I’ve spent 100s of hours farming on top of that. In The others I still have loads of characters, but I feel no insebtive to farm because I dislike (Translation: hate with the firey passion of a million suns) the loot system in the Sequals.

Hours played - BL2 by a landslide
BL2: 3585
TPS: 414
BL1: 155

BL1 for sure.

bl2 1231 hours

I think I spent more time in Borderlands 2 than any of the other BL games, BL1 second, and TPS third. And that’s because I have most of the major DLC for BL2 except for the first two HH DLCs.

BL1 is second because I have the Game of the Year Edition DLC and took a while to go through it all, and yes, Underdome took the longest obviously lol.

Borderlands 2 - 2410 hrs
Borderlands - 1723 hrs
Borderlands:TPS - 0 hrs - :frowning: didn’t have ps3 by time of its release, but once the handsome collection release im gonna log crap tons of hrs. into it for sure. Love Borderlands no matter what

is the an easy way to tell how many total hours played on PS3?

In the “select character” screen you can see the amount of time dedicated for each one.