Out of interest, IS the new skilltree actually free?

like i think maybe we misunderstand this cuz
i quote from right here

bringing an additional Skill Tree for each Vault Hunter AND more to those who purchase it

its straight from their own page

so does this mean the skilltree comes WITH the dlc, as a patch, but if you buy the dlc you get other stuff

just asking, maybe we did misunderstand this wrong, or i do right now.

i mean it always could also mean, you buy it get the tree AND also more stuff
im just asking, maybe MAYBE i did misunderstand it originally

I hope its free! Lol. I bought the delux thinking it had the season pass (£69) then the season pass (£39). I do love the game (GR is 684) but, man!, we deserve the 4th skilltree! Lol. Imo

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The trees are part of the DLC (and presumably one of the main selling points) and as such, they are not free.
And before someone asked, no the season pass doesn’t cover that. The season pass was the 4 DLCs that have come out so far.

mh okay, i guess it is what it is, but still

No, they want your money so they can create: “chaotic content” (breaking the game more than they did this “glorious year?”)

After a year full of glorious, mayhem-riddled memories, Borderlands 3 still has plenty of chaotic content on the way.

Gearbox Software Creative Director Graeme Timmins shared the news that another paid DLC is coming later this year, bringing an additional Skill Tree for each Vault Hunter and more to those who purchase it.


most likely wont even fix the existing trees, i know man
i know
IF they actually say, we will overhaul COMs and skilltrees with the update that comes with the dlc, then im good i guess
cause then you can have more diversity in the game without needing to shell out all that money

i mean they made it, it didnt work, or BARELY works, they have to make it work… that should not be a bonus fee

even if its just a tree and no rework, existing mods nobody uses will just disapear into the void

“Gearbox Software Creative Director Graeme Timmins shared the news that another paid DLC is coming later this year, bringing an additional Skill Tree for each Vault Hunter and more to those who purchase it.”

yeah i see it,
i mean remember how many mistakes they made with grammar or just plain promo stuff?
gearbox does this all the time
it could have been easy a misunderstandin on either party with their grammar issues

just saying we got you boo
and other fun ones

Don’t give these incompetent fools any more of your hard earn shekels.

Wait until EVERYTHING has been released, then pick it up for a song, refund if still crap.

Hell the ‘Deluxe’ edition has been half price everywhere for months, so I do not foresee ‘season 2’ eliciting much enthusiasm.

This time next year, all the ‘content’ they release between now and them will be on deep discount.

That’s if anyone (else) is even thinking about this game anymore, after Cyberpunk releases.


im 100% with you, and i can tell a few months ago after dlc 3 hit i was in the forum and ppl where alot more apologetic because KRIEG DLC and dlc 3 was THE BEST EVER

gearbox doesnt rly clean after itself, nor does it say, yes here is a roadmap of ■■■■ we need to fix.

this is literally the only thing ppl need to say okay… its coming

a fking roadmap with
skilltrees so far
mayhem mods / scaling issues overall ( dlcs guardian breach and gear is all over the place)
and thats simply a big holy ■■■■.

i mean these are some of the hottest things we need fixing for
COMs need to have alot of tweeks or reworks to give them a reason to exist
like who the f uses the binrary zane COM, or the SNTNL reset killskill???
nobody, cuz it just has no synergy or offers a reason to use it over other things

or what about depleting ur shields on a VH who needs full shields for most his ■■■■?
or the sliding and jumping one?

moze has literal lifesteal on a COM cuz running and gunning is in alot of times not a viable option ( at the same time)
if moze had plain lifesteal on splash that be cool, you know for sustain and staying alive?

i can go on and on, its mostly existing COMs not doing anything right now.

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The game is toast.

They will spend the next year trying to repair it, with ‘paid for’ fixes camouflaged as DLC.

Hell, even Hello Games come off as more caring and competent than these clowns, and I never even play No mans sky (or whatever it is)

Try Gunfire Reborn.

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hello games did alot of ■■■■ for free to save the game,
ppl always are like, you got what you paid for, they dont need to fix it, dlc thats 15 bucks a piece are okray to have bloated content thats actually alltogether maybe 4 hours of total play ( sidequests included)

ppl do not value money, the other day somebody told me i dont know how littlle 100 bucks is
and how its my fault, and i should not spend cash

im a student who has every now and then the cash to buy me a game
bl3 came out and was decent enough GAMEPLAYwise
dlc 1-2 where decent enough but lacked content

based on older bl games i made the decision to go for this whole deal.

so first i am supposed to not give a ■■■■ about 100 bucks, then i should never buy a game since as he told me, if im a student i better pay my loans? i dont have those like wtf? not everybody is in the US or in a top university
also i buy the game and they after i bought it make ÄHÄM fixes to it that made it worse. like??? okay, thats the ppl defending the game