Out of Sync Errors

My buddy keeps getting “out of sync” errors in multiplayer. It drops us out of the game. Any ideas on a fix? He gets the error and then gets booted from the game.

My friend is having the same issue as well. Noticed that there seems to be a lag spike right before it happens.

Yes also had that error a couple of times - and it feels like it’s getting more frequent :frowning:

I have only had one out of sync error in about 20 games now, no idea how to fix it, but it is a lot less common than the loading errors.

I just played my first MP game, it was a 3v3. 5-10min into the game, bam “Out of sync”.

I remember this exact error from HW2 classical, it drove me up the wall. Sometimes you would have a great game going, had been playing for 30 min and suddenly a sync error and everything was lost.

This needs to be fixed if this game is to have any sustainable MP community.