Outcry over credits to unlock characters

I’ve seen a lot of outcry on the forums about the sheer amount of credits required to unlock Alani (47,500). I actually agree with everyone, I have the season pass, but grinding for 47k credits is a lottt of grinding
Gbx is planning on making double XP weekend also give out double the credits. I get the feeling this might solve a lot of problems, maybe. Perhaps. Just an idea.


And why are you not posting on those already existing topics then?


It’d be nice if that were true, but they’d have to do it for every character then, I imagine.

I like how everyone has forgotten there’s 2 ways to unlock all the characters. One of Alanis is credits, the other is unknown rank probably.

Or you guys could grow up? Im a season pass holder and Im not using the token… im going to unlock her legit. And no I havent been saving my credits… so yes I will be grinding all 47.5k. And no I am not going to mope and whine about it.

Please use an existing thread to discuss this topic…without getting personal, please. Just talk about the game, not other forum users.