(OUTDATED) Fearmongers and Ghast Calls for grabs... For free! And other Terror stuff!

Hey all,

I’ve been farming some loot skulls the last couple of days, and I have gotten tons of Fearmongers and Ghast calls. And I thought… why not share it with people who haven’t gotten some yet. I have seen multiple people who haven’t been lucky in getting these, so here is your chance. I’m swimming in them atm.

I have 10+ Fearmongers to give out + a couple of Ghast Calls.

So if interested, shoot me a FR first (Vin Blake is my gt), reply to this thread with your Epic Gamer name and note what item you want. So it’s easier for me track. (I will only give out to people who do both)

I’m Euro time, so give me some time to get stuff sorted and send out, and update this thread as stuff is getting send out!!!


So here goes… Some will be annointed, some none, but will be mentioned. Also I won’t be writing out all stats, only the dmg they do and prefixes.


  • Auditing Fearmonger (Cryo) - 694*8 (Healing/Terror Stack)
  • Subsidized Savvy Fearmonger (Fire) - 561*8 (Fl4k Attack Command/Consume Terror)
  • Cash-Infused Fearmonger (Shock) - 979*4 (Ammo regen while Terror’d)
  • Subsidized Essential Fearmonger (Radiation) - 835*4 (Phasegrasp fires Terror Skulls)
  • Subsidized Fearmonger (Cryo) - 901*4 (Terror, enemy bullets reflect)
  • Subsidized Fearmonger (Fire) - 594*8 (Melee attacks give Terror)
  • Subsidized Fearmonger (Radiation) - 716*4 (Increased fire rate and dmg when Terror’d)
  • Subsidized Fearmonger (Corrosive) - 763*4 (Terror, enemy bullets reflect)
  • Undermining Savvy Fearmonger (Radiation) - 918*4 (on Iron Bear exit increased reload and handling)
  • Auditing Essential Fearmonger (Cryo) - 1093*4 (Terror, enemy bullets reflect)
  • Auditing Powerhouse Fearmonger (Cryo) - 1041*4 (Terror, ammo regen)
  • Subsidized Savvy Fearmonger (on ASE, heal 25% + 15%/stack)
  • Subsidized Negotiating Fearmonger (Cryo) - 946*4
  • Subsidized Powerhouse Fearmonger (Corrosive) - 890*4


  • Cloning Ghast Call - 2008 dmg
  • Roided Ghast Call - 3251 dmg
  • Roided Ghast Call - 3251 dmg
  • Ghast Call - 2831 dmg

This is it for now, I’ll probably update this list as I’m still farming in this event for the elusive Vindicator Ghast Call (If by any chance anyone has a spare one, be sure to hit me up ofc!!! :smiley: )

Other Annointed Terror Gear (will update with more soon)

  • Inoculated Front Loader (Shield) - 10139 cap - (on ASE apply Terror to yourself (shock res))
  • Improved AWOL Shield (Shield, Epic not legendary) - 13325 cap - (Terror, health regen)
  • Evolutionary Front Loader (Shield) - 10816 cap - (Terror, bullet reflection)
  • Rough and Tumble Big Boom Blaster - 6187 cap - (Terror, health regen)
  • Overflowing Scream of Terror - 6207 cap - Event Shield (x3)
  • Defrauding Crossroad (Corrosive) - 362*3 (Terrror, Increased dmg and fire rate)
  • Lucian’s Call (Fire) - 350 (Terror, reflect bullets)
  • Hostile Conference Call (fire) - 310*5 (Terror, Extra projectile shot)
  • Stuffed Shredded Lump (Cryo) - 6733 (Attack Command, consume all Terror)
  • Marksman Monocle - 1193 (Terror, Increased Crit)
  • Lucian’s Call (Corrosive) - 368 (Terror, reflect bullets)
  • Storming Vicious Lyuda (Shock) - 889 (Terror, extra 50% cryo)
  • Dastardly Maggie - 501*6 (Terror, ammo regen)
  • Stuffed Shredded Lump (corrosive) - 6986*2 (Terror, extra projectile shot)
  • Transformer - 11659 cap (Terror, health regen)
  • Colassal Stop-Gap - 12330 (Terror, reflects bullets, corrosive resistance)
  • Subsidized The Butcher (fire) - 346*3 (Terror, bullet regen)

I’m out for now!
Peace, Vince.

I won’t be back on PC for a couple days, but if you have some Atlas weapons or shields/grenades with ‘movement speed buff while SNTNL is active’, I’m interested.

What does the Vindicator prefix do?

The vindicator is the best version of the Ghast Call grenade, it splits and does 20%+ grenade dmg. Its basicly one of the best grenades in the game atm.

As for the annointements you mentioned, this thread was for Terror annointements only, sorry. But if I come accross some gear with those stats, I’ll keep them for you. Although I haven’t seen them before tbh, or I just haven’t noticed. But I’ll keep an eye out for them, and let you know for sure if I see them.

edit: spelling (I’m not english talking)
edit2: or are there some annointements with those stats for Zane wich are Terror based, I wouldn’t know tbh, Zane is the only character I don’t play.

Very kind of you :slight_smile: I’m going to be giving away my extra stuff when the event is over. Do you have any of these?;

Shields (terror ammo regen)- whiskey tango foxtrot, messy breakup (GenIVIV unique), backham
Guns (Terror damage & fire rate AND/OR extra projectile)- ten gallon (radiation), the freeman, hellwalker, faisor, Jakobs/Tediore sniper (not sure what’s good here)

Out of the top of my head, I don’t have any of those you mentioned sorry, have to double check tbh. I’m going out for some drinks in a bit with some friends, I’ll have a look tomorrow to make sure.

I do have a Lucian’s call with increased dmg and fire rate when terror’d if you are interested though. Its’s one of t he only ones I can remember without logging on. And some Maggies with ammo regen.

If you are interested let me know.

I’ll take this one off your hands epic name iLoujitsu
Auditing Negoriating Fearmonger (Cryo) - 991*4 (SNTL 100% Lifesteal)

Ok cool, give me sec, before i get out to grab some sweet ass cocktails, I’ll get you the gun, already friended you.

Edit: Send it out, got the item?

Divider and Roid?

I got my first one not too long ago, and only threw it a couple of times. What’s its special?

Really nice of you to create this thread.
Can I grab one of the Roided Ghast Calls? I’ve got cloning before but never Roided.

epic ID n00bindenial
Request sent

You wouldn’t happen to have a Companion with +Crit on terror, do you? Been looking for one for a while.

hello Mr. Nice Guy :wink:

would be very glad about…Subsidized Savvy Fearmonger (Radiation) - 526*8 (Apply Terror on Self)


Cash-Infused Fearmonger (Shock) - 979*4 (Ammo regen while Terror’d)

god bless u



I’ll send them out in a second.

@icaruz1337 Send the radiation one your way.
@thenewfess Send the ghast call your way. Also, I don’t have the companion you asked for, I never pick them up tbh. I’ll keep an eye out for one.

@Adabiviak I don’t know if it has a special effect while terrified (like the shotgun, sniper and shield do have), but the skulls home in on enemies, and do pretty good dmg.

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Shameless self bump (if not allowed, let me know ofc).

Added some cloning ghast calls + some other annointed terror gear (good Butcher and
Transformer for grabs!)

mmmmmm… DROOLS
IF anyone can get their hands on this bad boy, hit me up for sure.
I have just about anything you can imagine.
I’m offering 3 items for it.
Epic tag - PhoopHub


Hey, request sent.
Wondering if you still have Subsidized Fearmonger (Cryo) - 568*8 (Terror, increased Crit)
Epic ID n00bindenial

Yup still got, sending it out in a second.

Thaaaank you!

np, happy to help out fellow BL players!

Ps4 looking for a level 65 ghast call please.