Outerworlds capitalized on B3 missed opportunity (Non Spoiler)

So first off I dont want this to be a “Outerworlds is better than B3.” Its subjective and they are completely different games. What I want to talk about is how each franchise handled its story.

Without major spoilers in my opinion Borderlands 3 missed a golden opportunity to freshen up the story by making it more about the politics of the manufacturers instead of “Open Big Vault” for the forth time in a row. Outerworlds is all about its large corperations and I’m 100% on board. Mainly that’s what I wanted from Borderlands 3 story.

Borderlands 3 did it alittle bit in the middle of the story, and then they completely abandoned it for the Calypso Open a Vault storyline…IMO was pretty mediocre. At this point I dont even want to be a vault Hunter anymore becuase when you actually open stuff inside vaults you get nothing and its adds nothing to overall story.

Me personally there needs to be a Borderlands 4 and Vaults and the Eridians need to take a back seat. I think we need to learn more about these manufacturers and flush them out alot more.


Weirdly enough, I kinda feel the opposite way. For me it was pretty clear that the Vault story we got in BL3 was modeled after BL1, right down to collecting three pieces and giving them to Tannis, but iterated over several planets. There’s a lot we still don’t know about sirens, Eridians, and vaults and I would be interested in what the writers are thinking on that score. I liked this aspect of the story though I felt like it was underdeveloped ot contradictory in a few places

By contrast I thought the way they used vaults in BL2 and TPS was kinda random & contrived. I still don’t really get what the Warrior was for even after it is “explained” in the eridian writing. And TPS vault was just a vault symbol with information about the warrior? With a random statue guardian? It always seemed very strange to me

I have thought about how I would rewrite TPS a lot, since that’s the game I would have loved to see dive into corporate history. Between BL1 and BL2, there’s this big transition, where Atlas fades completely and Hyperion starts taking over Pandora. But TPS doesn’t tell that story, even though the two main characters - Athena and Jack - would have been perfect for it


I haven’t bought or played The Outer Worlds yet, and I don’t know when I’ll get to. But I have read reviews of it, and the reviews I’ve read have made it clear that the entire focus of the story is driving home the point that Capitalism is BAD, mmm-kay? So OF COURSE the game is focused, storywise, on Mega-Corporations.

The Borderlands franchise, On The Other Hand, was designed to be all about the thrill of killing lots of enemies and then getting lots of randomly-generated loot, like in the Diablo series, which was a major inspiration for the creators of Borderlands. So I don’t foresee them ever moving entirely away from the whole Vault Hunter concept. :man_shrugging:

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It seemed like to me we spent half the game learning the history of Jakobs. We were on Eden 6 a long time, also spent a lot of time with maliwan and atlus.


In the end… non of that made any kind of impact to the overall story. They were just used as a plot device to get a MacGuffin…then they were disposed of.

If you take Maliwan, Atlas, and Jakobs out the game the plot doesnt miss a beat at all.

If it’s about corporations and outer space, that reminds me of two shows: Firefly and Dark Matter. As well as some other that may have skipped my mind.

I hate it when political propaganda is shoved down my throat like a slap in the face. Probably Leninist Nazis. Or liberals in a false flag operation to discredit men’s rights activists agendas. Bloody Illuminati Flat Earthers Scumbag Shills!


I mean, after two game were corporation were all bad, Borderland 3 sure tried to offer a broader view. The new Atlas care for its employee, so does the Jackobs (which are the cliche paternalist company).

Also, intergalactif all powerfull corporation is hardly a preset for “Nice guy that care about people, and tree, and puppies”

And let’s not forget about Mr. Torgue and his corporation, where they only care about one thing: EXPLOSIONS!!! :wink::+1:

Obviously a culture shift in both cases - one due to Rhys, the other Wainwright. Remember BL1 Knoxx DLC? “Things could be worse - at least you’re not on Promethea!” And the Zombie Island DLC Jakobs announcements over the tannoy system? Quite a turnaround there for both corporations!

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wait wait wait… let me get this straight…
you just asked for MORE?? POLITICS in your light hearted looter shooter? (since you made the comparison to OW which seems to tackle it somewhat seriously)

yea no im pretty sure theres a fairly large number of people who think that is THE thing they dont want in that particular game. Me included.

Quite frankly getting older i know a fair number of people who just dont want to talk politics because it usually boils down to the same **** everytime anyway and its been done to death.

The subject is more fitting for a narrative driven game if youre into that kind of thing but politics in borderlands dude? come on bru

Satire isn’t dead, but it does seem to be incognito.

Or maybe they’re grammar Nazi inclusionists. Wouldn’t that be ironic?


I was referring about Corperate Politics…not social politics.

Theyre intertwined. Money is power. Politics is buisness.

The politics in OW (which you used for comparison) is politics in every sense of the word.

There is no distinction.

So regardless of semantics - my meaning is: I dont want OW “like” politics in my game. Which i think i conveyed clearly.

No…they are not the same. Corperate politics refers to the power struggle within the corporations themselves. Ex: Hostile takeovers, Dog Eat Dog behavior, Competition, and the pursuit of personal gain, etc. I used OW as an example becuase the corporations are integral to the story itself. Borderlands it is not.

I don’t know anything about Outer Worlds, but the conflict between Atlas/Maliwan and learning more about Jakobs was way more compelling and interesting to me than the Calypsos or anything else about the main story.

I do hope they beef up the import of the major corporations in future - I did notice that the new E-Tech guns all have organic growths on them, which means these corporations are likely learning how to grow their own vault monsters. That could make for some amazing future storytelling, as corporations start a bio-arms race based on the Destroyer’s DNA or something and almost destroy the universe.

I did kind of hope that the game had more manufacturer feuds. With the eminent threat of a renewed corporation galaxy war that the BL franchise backstory was built off of that you uncover in BL1 lore.

To me, the story in Borderlands 3 was more familial than just opening another Vault. The VH notwithstanding, there was a strong undercurrent of personal history in almost every aspect of the story. This doesn’t mean it was particularly good though. But it was a video game and for the most part, I enjoyed it.

Played Outerworlds for about an hour. The massive amount of annoying npcs you’re required to talk and be a fed ex agent for made me return to the simplicity of bl3 & blowing ■■■■ up.