Outleveling Content in TVHM

So why does the game now give you experience when playing in TVHM allowing you to go over level 50? You go up but all the items and enemies stay at 50? That doesn’t make any sense. The way I played BL2 (BL1 as well I think) was to complete TVHM then play the rest of the content and DLC at level 50. It doesn’t seem like I can do this now without over-leveling the content. I’m force to switch to UVHM and while it has been fun - now that I’m facing Shadowtrap it no longer is.

as long as you can level up, you’ll always receive XP per kill no matter what playthrough you are in. Until you hit your max level(which is dependent upon DLC) you will continue to receive XP. If you didn’t want to level past 50, you should not have downloaded the Holodome which gets you to 60 cap. then the Claptastic Voyage allows you to reach the 70 cap. Happy looting! :smile:

I didn’t get Holodome. Got “Claptastic Voyage and Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2” from Steam and I don’t see a way to unbundle them - they show up as one package. My goal I guess is to run with only Claptastic.

Level 60 takes long enough, so I’d just do that if you’re not interested in Holodome. (It was OK, but I would have been fine without it. Would have been better with more story background details from the narration.)

good choice if having to choose. The holodome was…meh. LOL I could live with out it. However, I am addicted to reaching level caps. so if 70 is a possibility, I’m going for it. :smile:

Completely agree. :smile:

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Sigh… So much agreed. I feel the need to experience all classes at their full level 70 potential. (but damn does it take a long time to level to 70 in this game)

Also. YXK, you can easily just play TVHM. You might level past level 50 a little bit, but it will be slow progress and you won’t be too OP.

Shadowtrap is a beast. You might appreciate being a little OP facing the level 50 version of him while level 53. Playing him in coop is a good idea to beat him. Or reading up some strategy for him. I find little areas to hide in while trying to get back health, avoid attacks, and wait for my action skill.

this is too true. He is very difficult to beat. I play the Mutator rounds and if I get Shadow Trap to spawn in the 3rd round he is so hard to kill if playing max difficulty(Full cake). A “full cake” round with Shadow trap is just a chore. LOL I usually play the Mutator round at a few slices of cake, like level 3 or so. Shadow trap spawns on all difficulties so it’s better to choose lower cause he won’t be very hard. at level 9 of the mutator and fighting shadow trap just takes too long. it’s doable, but his health regen when it gets really low pisses me off. I’ll be unloading on him and pretty close to going into fight for your life and he won’t die. I’ll see chunks of life coming off of him while unloading my Flayer on him and his health regen will over compensate my damage output. it’s insane to witness. I cooped with a buddy and we both were wondering if he’d ever die. LOL very difficult indeed. :slight_smile:

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