Outskirts 400 score music

Yo where can I find this track?! Is there anywhere to download it on iTunes or something?! Maaan that track gets me sooooo hype when I’m playing, especially when the game is close!

I often find myself sitting up and leaning into my chair everytime that 400 point mark hits cause I know the epicness is about to start playing.

So, GBX, where can I find this track?!

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If you can purchase it officially try to find a soundtrack to BB on YouTube and convert it to an MP3 and put that into iTunes. I only do this with anime openings and endings that I can’t buy here or on the Internet Since I can’t listen to it on the go otherwise.

I haven’t found anyone that has uploaded it so I haven’t been able to do that either.

I just really want the track :frowning: