Outta every class, which one has the worst heads?

Every head can’t be a winner I understand. Everyone has different tastes and some may like this one while others find it boring or just don’t plain like it.

Sometimes though everything that’s given to you is just…bad (well nearly everything. Everything aside from one or two.) So the question is, for your experience…which class has the worst heads?

Now you don’t have to hate every head, some of them could be alright but you just wouldn’t use them that often.

Salvador, 100%. Everyone else has great heads, especially Maya and Gaige, though I’m not a huge fan of Krieg’s, but Sal’s are just garbage.

True. I love kriegs heads. his clothes are the best too.

I’m really glad someone agrees Salvador has the worst heads lol. It’s such a shame theres only like 1/2 I like outta them but they all either look the same or just look ugly (or both).

Sal with Zer0 a close second. I think Krieg and Maya have the best with Axton not far behind.

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Salvador is the worst for me. I havent played gaige yet, but Kreig comes in second worst for me.

I’m also not fond of Salvador’s heads. The only one I like is Nothing Ventured and thats only because it looks like Brock Samson from The Venture Brothers

Guy on the far left.

I have a hard time liking most of Zero’s heads.

Sal is OK, Marshall mustache is awesome and a few more… It’s not the best but it’s better than Zero’s

Agreed that Sal’s are pretty uninspired
Most of Zer0’s are rather blah as well but I’m keen on InfernO with some of the darker skins, but then in my mind he’s some sort of alien and it fits the theme.

Salvador by a mile.

Salvador and Zero each have quite a few, but I’d have to say Krieg.

fixed that for you.