Hi crew–Just seeing whats good lately??I went over 1 million points for ACM campaign over the summer…I Played the Hell out of this game over the Past 3 1/2 years…Still Loving the Hell out of ACM!!!Anyone else over a million?I was hoping there would be some Secret Unlockable reward like “Player Invincibility” in Campaign or some secret weapon or something …Loving the Hell out of Alien Isolation also…Got all the Aliens games I will ever need in these 2…Happy Halloween to you guys…Best Month/ time of the year

lo my handle is Feh-Q_noblah. I too still love the game. I got approx 7.5mill Xp overall. There’s a guy I’m friends with called tombstonex who says he’s got over 15 million. It hurts to play other games and be an average joe again. It’s a shame there aren’t online stats for all players to view. There isn’t any special perks when you go platinum or get ridiculous Xp, just take comfort in being an ultimate badass. I like the fact I’m one of the best in the world at something. Albeit a 4 year old game. Stay frosty dude

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Holy sh#t at 15 Million…LoL–I thought I played it a lot but apparently not…Yea–I will never get tired of ACM…Cant wait for the new movie Alien Covenant and hoping for Alien 5 after that–And hopes eventually we get 1 more Aliens Shooter on a Next-Gen PS5 or PS6-Take care Boss

TombstoneX? Yikes. That guy is insane as a xeno in MP. Always goes for the Crusher.

Same here I can’t wait for covenant either. I hope they do alien 5 it’d be interesting to see how they tie the story in to the other movies, but apparently blomkamp says it’s looking doubtful :pensive:

The crusher is most effective if you’ve got soldiers or lurkers supporting you (one distracts the other attacks). Tombstone’s favourite mode is bug hunt you should msg for a game on that… If you can’t beat em join em. I’m itching for a game all of a sudden lol. Let’s see if I can still finish on top of the heap.

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