Over 100% complete?

Some of my maps show over 100pct complete even though I haven’t found the red chests but why does it show over 100% complete. It’s like where I point out at work that one of our generators is showing over 100pct hydrogen purity which is not possible. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this.


I’m pretty sure anyone who has been gathering all of the collectibles has come across this, but I have no idea if they plan on directly addressing it, as the crew challenges have incorrect completion numbers for individual objectives as well. In particular, the 36/30 Eridian Symbols Scanned bug that interferes with getting the trophy associated with scanning all of them.

It has happened to this time after the game release. There was a patch little fixing it. Not perfect but It looked like everything gonna be right slowly. But, It was completely broken at last patch. Now it keep changing galaxy progress percentage on my game.

So yup, I notice it but I choose ignore it because well… sadly it is not helping?

p.s I edited ‘useless’ to ‘not helping’, it was aggressive expression. Sorry.

the completion percentage is a red herring. it really doesn’t help and can mislead you into thinking you’ve done everything, when in fact you haven’t. it also seems to fluctuate whenever they add a dlc.

Yeah I just thought it strange because I really haven’t done everything on some of them either. I thought it meant I gave it 110% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: