Over 2 million damage legendary pistol

I recently jumped into an online game and I was casually playing with the host when suddenly they stop, turn around and drop like ten legendaries, good ones that are just above my level too.

In those that he dropped I noticed one that really stood out. It looks really glitched out, like it doesn;t even show a name, but the stats haven’t changed at all when I leave and re-enter so I’m thinking what the eff?!

Tell me what you think. I picked it up at level 50, leveled up to 55 just to use it (even if I did use it, I don’t think I’d use it often because that;d ruin the game, but still I WANNA TRY IT AT LEAST!) but still no luck.

I tried selling it and it’s possible so either someone created a glitched, unusable to anyone other than himslef, legendary or they gave me $99,999,999…

I’m not sure, just looking for guidance, I guess


Overpower 55 is not the same as level 55. It requires you to have an “overpower level” of 55, which would make the game scale to 55 levels higher than normal. That gun is modded to hell and back, because Overpower levels don’t even exist in TPS.

You’ll never be able to use it. Either throw it away or sell it.


That’s not a glitched weapon, both as actually “something went wrong with the code” glitched and legitimate Claptastic DLC glitched. It’s a modded weapon, which are totally frowned upon by the members here in the forums.

It’s not uncommon knowledge that certain programs can be used to hack and modify save files, but it always runs the risk of corrupting those files and screwing up everything. Just get rid of the gun; you won’t be able to use it and there’s always a risk that a hotfix or patch will FUBAR that save file.

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Ahhh, so in that case someone did in fact just give me a full bank… still ruins the game if I sell it lol

I would just sell it. Its not like money is hard to come by in the game. If you keep it you run the risk of your saves being screwed up and lose the character.

See if it’ll choke the grinder.

Can I just ask, while we’re on the subject, why wouldn’t he be able to use it? I’m intrigued.

The fact that it’s glitching out?

Or is that just general advice @Scootalewis, by which I mean your post?

EDIT: “OP levels don’t even exist”, apologies sir, I didn’t see that.

So each OP levels is +1 the max level cap. So you need to either be level 125 (70+55) or unlock the ability to hold a +55 OP level gun. Just like in BL2 you have to beat the peak at every OP level to equip that OP level weapon.

Since TPS has no OP level to begin with (let alone going all the way to OP 55), its not possible, making the gear un-equipable through any legitimate means.


Yeah, that’s what I figured.

Honestly, these people don’t make it hard to notice, do they haha