Over a year later and Bloodshot Stronghold still crashes within a few moments

Well this problem is getting really irritating, today I get my Assassin up to bloodshot stronghold, partly as a test to see whether or not the problem my Gunzerker was having with that area was in any way specific to that save. Well I have confirmed that it is not, however, I have confirmed the rather unusual observations that I made over a year ago as well. The first time I enter the area it let me play for several minutes before freezing, this happened again w/ my Assassin tonight. On subsequent attempts it often took as little as 10 seconds to freeze. Before it does, I have noticed that as come around corners wall textures are briefly missing, replaced by white, those this is resolved almost instantly, I can still briefly see it. As far as the actual crash is concerned, the game’s ambient music and sound continues as though nothing is wrong, but the video and simulation are frozen. If I alt-tab out and bring up Task Manager, I see that Borderlands2.exe is using nearly 100% of my CPU (something it shouldn’t be doing and doesn’t do in normal operation, afaik). I have long suspected that it has something to do w/ BL2’s use of NVidia PhysX, reasons being, I am running an ATI card and I have read that Bloodshot Stronghold has a physx driven ‘toilet bowl’ like vortex somewhere in the level, which has caused many people performance issues or similar problems. I would really like to get the play the rest of the game, I’ve logged over 2000 hours on BL1 and loved it, and so far I’ve been loving BL2 as well, aside from the issue this post is about.

Have you tried turning off PhysX (if that’s possible) and/or lowering graphic settings (if that’s possible). I’m on consoles, hence the uncertainty of my suggestions but those are just a couple of ideas I’ve offered in my effort to help you out.

I would turn your physix off anyway frightening. It’s usually worse off even with a good PC.

If you have turned it off then I’d suggest lowering every setting you can until you make it through the area so that you can at least continue the game until someone knows a reasonable fix for you.

Unfortunately, PhysX is used for all of the physics in the game, so the lowest setting is “low”. I personally don’t know why the game would crash there, though. I mean, I get some pretty nasty performance problems there (I usually get 40FPS looking in one direction, and 75 in the opposite), and I only run at 1440x900, but I’ll chalk that up to having an AMD Radeon HD 7770. Maybe it would help if you could record a video of what happens, so we can watch what happens?

^ Afaik, you can disable it w/ an .ini edit, I will go hunting for info on this and give it a try, will report back if it works. Pretty sure my system would be hard-press to record video while playing the game, so I doubt I’ll have a video for you, it really goes down pretty much exactly like I described in the OP.

If you disabled PhysX, all of the physics wouldn’t work in the game. Ragdolls, vehicles, anything with physics would not work properly, and probably crash the game, based on how I’ve seen UE3 act before. In any case, I don’t think that this issue has much to do with PhysX, but I still don’t have any ideas on what it could specifically be.

He has an AMD card and from what I’ve read can’t implement physix very well if at all. It drops your FPS so low that either it freezes or crashes. Very common issue with AMD Radeon gpus. A lot of peoe have been turning the physix over to their CPUs to handle the physix as a work around where as others have done other things that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

If his physix are on the lowest setting theoretically he should be fine. So it is highly possible that there is another issue going on.

And I do believe that you can disable several physix features manually through deleted files and whatnot and changing configurations around but I doubt he needs to do something like this.

He should also check is control panel for his graphics card and change the physix there just in case it’s not taking effect I’m game. As in it may be hardware instead of software problems.

I have one too, and you cannot run PhysX on an AMD GPU, it automatically gets shoved onto the CPU instead, no matter what. There are no options in Catalyst Control Center for PhysX (Since it’s from Nvidia) whatsoever, either, so this isn’t too helpful to him.

Well idk how, but I just got my Maya all the way through Bloodshot Stronghold and Bloodshot Ramparts with no crashes, and it wasn’t like I rushed it either. IDK if this is somehow related to the hotfix that’s increased drop rates or if I was somehow lucky, but this is exciting, maybe, just MAYBE, I can get my other toons through it too. Time for sleep now, will try other toons in the morning.

Update: It would appear the problem has magically resolved itself, I have now gotten all 3 characters I had to that point in the game through Bloodshot Stronghold and Bloodshot Ramparts with no crashes whatsoever.

Whelp, the problem appears to be back…at least I’ve done the main story missions w/ all 4 of my mains for NVHM, but this is utterly infuriating. This problem was solved for like the last 2 months…I don’t understand how it could have reappeared like this, I’ve changed nothing on my end.

Update: Curiously, I was able to clear Bloodshot Stronghold just fine with my new Gaige. This reminded me that the last time I had taken Salvador though it was immediately after my Maya got through somehow (and this was after the drop rate increase stuff began), so with that observation in mind, I tried to get my Salvador though Bloodshot Stronghold immediately after finishing up Bloodshot Ramparts with Gaige.

Sure enough, it worked, and Salvador is now free to finish the rest of NVHM (vanilla game only for now, not gonna start DLCs till all 6 of my characters are done with NVHM vanilla).

I’m glad you were able to get through.

I haven’t experienced any issues with the Bloodshot Stronghold, and neither have any of my friends with a variety of different hardware configurations.

It might have been a problem with your game cache in some way. Do post if it happens on your TVHM playthroughs or when you might go back for side quests.

i have the same problem as you were can u help me ? how did u get to bloodshot stronghold without crashing?

So it’s crashing in Bloodshot Stronghold (henceforth BSH)? Does it just ‘lock up’ with ambient audio and music still playing, because that’s what would happen to me. I found that playing for a few hours elsewhere before going into BSH seemed to help (My successful runs were usually after fully clearing The Dust as part of the storyline). I’m on a new rig now, so I haven’t been having this particular issue. I would definitely recommend setting PhysX to Min (I was having sporadic crashing even on my new rig until after I did this).

ow ok thanks for the info ill try to see what i can do thanks again

the issue with bl2 and physx is that bl2 only uses the one core of the cpu, which means that even an uber cpu will lag with it.

my crash is when i try to enter blood stronghold the screen is loading but suddenly the game crash and say a bunch of file were missing, is it the same crash as yours?

I never got any error messages with mine, sounds like you might need to verify the integrity of the game cache (do this in steam library).

ok thx im trying to verify it right now