Overall..Ascent or Thrust?

Really enjoy playing Caldi but admit I’m not using Helix 5 proper.
Overall, especially in OPs missions, which do you prefer?
Any inside tricks? :wink:

Since its buff, gravitic ascent does give a pretty nice boost in vertical movement so it’s useful to get to higher ledges or get crafty using gravitic burst or AA to get to certain areas you normally wouldn’t be able to (ex. from the stairs on monuments to the top ledge). One big downside that also keeps me from taking it more often is that it actually makes you an easier target since you’re flying up into the air sort of slowly and then it holds you in place for a split second. It’s not as bad as it used to be and it is viable now but you have to remember that Caldarius is about horizontal movement not vertical. There’s a lot of dodging you can do with improved thrusters and if you use that as your regular movement instead of just sprinting, it makes you way faster. So yeah, take improved thrusters. Overall the better option.


Very much appreciated :acmaffirmative:

Lateral is better in almost all PvE options as it basically gives you a heavy speed boost (since air dash w/ lateral is faster than sprint by a good margin) and an incredible dodge to get away from bombers/thrall bombs/melee rushes/etc. Vertical doesn’t add to your mobility in any viable way since the AI has perfect aim anyways and makes you less responsive.

In PVP it’s much more even - on Overgrowth/Monument you can backdoor freely with Vertical Thrusters, a mobility boost that is not to be overestimated and on Paradise and Coldsnap there’s plenty of walls, mutiple levels, and obstacles to bounce around on to frustrate melee opponents. Echelon and Outskirts are too flat to make Vertical a viable option though (OS has multiple levels but Vertical can’t skip floors since they’re so high).

For Capture/FO, Outback and Snowblind both favor high vertical mobility with dropoffs and ledges, but Temples, again, has too much space between floors to gain any worthwhile advantage out of higher jumps.

Generally speaking, if you’re on one of the aforementioned maps and the enemy team consists largely of short-ranged or fragile opponents, Vertical is a viable option. Lateral works better with kiting tanky BB, fast melees like rath/Mellka, and crossing larger, open maps.


Excellent points, as for Coldsnap, in the Bots games the AI Caldi does that, comes out of nowhere with massive dmg.

I’ve noticed one big disadvantage of Gravitic Thrusters lately.
I mean I never use it in the first place, so it may not be recent change, but:
whenever I pick extended jump and slower fall Helix it ends up with double jump completely overriding lateral thrust. IOW I can only jump and not dash.
And to me no thrusters equals no Cladarius.

It doesn’t completely override it. It still has some thrust to it. Think of it like Benedict’s double jump but with more lateral thrust to it.

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It sux in comparison to basic thrust though, I must say.

Yeah it does. Still, it can be good.

It’ll always be a niche option, so it has a place

I used to get it before the rework, specially when the enemy had a lot of meele heroes.

Now it has this sort of slow fall that makes you an easy target and predictable.