Overall how is your loot frenzy farming going?

At first I felt like it seemed everything was great. I got my Piss nade with the on thrown annointment within about 30 runs. Then I went to the Maliwan Takedown and got a Redistributor and a x3 Kybs both Annointed on the first run. I was also picking up random world drops with annoinments often. Since then it’s been a real grind getting a dedicated drop to even show up let alone with the right annointment . I’ve been farming mostly on M4. So the annointed world drops have been good.

I’m not usually one to complain about this stuff but it sure doesn’t feel like a “Frenzy”. I’ve run Princess Tarantella around 100 times trying for a Re-Router. I’ve seen 5 drop. Only one was Annointed and the wrong Annointment at that. I’ve done about 50 runs on Boreman Nates and only seen 1 Cutsman. Wasn’t the one I was looking for. I’ve done about 40 runs of the TD on M4 and only had luck on that first run. I’ve done 5 runs on M4 slaughter shaft and only picked up about 6 items. It’s dropping 30+ legendaries per run but a lot of crap.

Seeing a lot of random threads going and most of them not being favorable. Post your experience here. Good or bad.

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I’ve been farming round 5 of cistern of slaughter for annointed scourges. I keep getting rippers and babymakers. I’ve been doing it for about 5 hours today and I’ve seen two scourges in total.

My other option is a rare spawn enemy who doesn’t spawn even though rare spawns are supposed to spawn more often these 2 weeks.

I guess my third option is ebay


Annointeds are an improvement but the loot is pretty poor still. Dedicated loot needs to be up much more but as of now I like if this is a permanent thing while events like this increase loot up further, decreasing world drops from farmable enemies and boss

6 runs through the takedown and have gotten a shock redistributer with 2 mags shock dmg and a cryo redistributer with 40% while sliding. Gamma burst kybs. Corrosive x2 mag kybs. 2x kills stack dmg kybs. Maggie with rakk attack anoint. Multiple version 0.m shields. Sntl anoint execute. Rowans call with 2 mags incendiary as well as some more that I can’t remember. Keep in mind that I’m using a splitscreener as well so I’m doubling the goods pretty much.

Did 3 rounds of the slaughtershaft and got tons of legendaries but only a few good ones. Farmed for the nighthawkin, cutsman and recurring hex with no success. Can’t be bothered wasting time farming dedicated drops when this event isn’t making it any better.


Not great for me. I tried farming Gigamind. I have wanted a Transformer with an anointment that was actually useful. First Gigamind kill got a Transformer with no anointment. Killed him about 20 times and never saw another one. Moved to Killavolt. Farmed him about 30 times and got 2 more Transformers and both of them had no anointment, either.

Finally just gave up. It’s too mind numbing to do this over and over and not even get any anointment let alone the right one. WTF all items don’t have an anointment on the hardest difficulty is beyond logic or sanity.


First day terrible. After the fix for the hotfix, great. Today terrible. It’s doing my head in.

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Better than it was before the frenzy. Which is to say my productivity has at least gone up from zero, though it’s still unsatisfactory.

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Excellent because I spend more time farming then visiting the forum to complain about drops.


All farm and no gripe makes Homer something something…

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Also I have a giveaway available;

After 6 hours of farming, One Punch finally dropped the 100% bonus Cryo while SNTNL is active Anointment… on a freaking Ripper @__@

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I’m beginning to think we’ve been played. Not to mention the takedown glitching almost every time blocking progress. :frowning: . Was really looking forward to this event. The anointments I do get on not dedicated loot are for characters I don’t have. I’ve gotten one dedicated loot drop that I wanted. No anointment. I thought Destiny was a grind. lol.

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going well, the farm feels way more fair and should be permanent from now on. though, 5 transformers without any of the anointed is wack!

Good! I dislike farming, but have been filling in gaps in my weapon inventory while it’s easier. Only took a few tries to get the Skeksil I wanted, got a Night Flyer on my first and only try, got a Kyb’s Worth on my first run to Wotan. Crushjaw is being stingy with a Bone Shredder though.

edit - got it after a few more kills. :+1:


My experience is just being messed up with some of the spawns I think. I tried to do 20 runs in each boss. As soon the event went live, I did 20 runs on Borman Nates, he dropped 4 legendaries, 2 of them were anointed Cutsmans. The red chest, the DAHL toilet and other stuff on that platform got me like 15-20 more legendaries, with another 3 Cutsmans, so that makes 5 in total. After the hotfix, I got another 20 runs, got 10 legendaries overall, with only one Cutsman. El Dragon Jr. Before the hotfix I got nothing. After the hotfix out of 50 runs I got 4 Stop Gaps and 2 Storm Fronts (if I remember correctly). None of them dropped their dedicated loot (Psycho Stabber and Unleash the Dragon). After the hotfix, from Road Dog, I got the Redline on the 7th run, from Rakkman the Night Flyer on the 1st run, GenIVIV dropped the Messy Breakup on my 12th and 13th run. Red Jabber just drops random stuff, but I got a pretty nice Lyuda. I suggest to open the red chests, DAHL toilets, lockers and even the cardbox boxes, because sometimes you get such a big surprise out of them. Like my Unforgiven from a mail box with 250% plus dmg after Action Skill use. Or a Maggie out of a locker with 125% plus dmg on Badass, named enemy after Action Skill use. Sometimes you get crazy stuff out loot boxes.

Edit: by the hotfix I mean, the one they increased the drop rates even more on some of the Rare Spawns.

It has been pretty good. Been farming sitaraks, cutsmans, seein deads, and the takedown and getting drops pretty consistently. Cutsman is definitely more rare but got a couple anointed ones. Will be trying to get a Maggie farm going soon

Edit: been farming on M3 unless I’m running the Takedown then its M4

Manvark is definitely borked. After 20 kills on M4: 0 legendaries. I saw they boosted the rates of some enemies because they were not great. Hopefully they fix Manvark as well.

Going well so far. I spend about 2 hours on each target tvhm/MH4. Started with Sky Bullies. They dropped a radiation Recurring Hex which is what I was looking for. I’m still hoping for an anointed one but this will do for now. Went on to Borman Nates. He dropped 3 Cutsmans, all anointed, including the exact thing I was hoping for so I was thrilled. I’ve spent a lot more time killing Agonizer 9000 because he’s quick and very lucrative. My main goal was a SNTNL cryo anointed Dictator and he finally dropped one for me last night. Along the way I’ve picked up some other Dictators, an anointed Rowan’s Call and several other really nice things.

I have no complaints so far. At the end of the day, It’s still farming so it’s taking time to get the specific things I’m looking for. But rare spawns are showing up regularly and the anointed rate is much higher IMHO.

Started out strong, but I feel like the drops declined in quality, especially yesterday. Took me about 20 runs of Road Dog to get a Redline, and out of the 20 kills he only dropped 3 or 4 legendaries total. If what I’m seeing is true, equipping an artifact or shield with a luck stat/boost, made things worse.