Overall how is your loot frenzy farming going?

It’s a lot more easier to get specific drops than usual, it is still very time consuming but I am doing pretty good beacause I did not have any buggy ones in my targets

Mine is going absolutely abysmally. GB had better get this sorted out before the battlepass/mtx hits, because I WILL uninstall and never look back. Officially over the dev team and their “unintended” mistakes.

I’m farming Road Dog for a redline, i got 120+ runs, 4 hellwalker, 3 artifacts…
my brain just rage quitted

Only got one thing i’ve been looking for and it’s not even a leg but from a rare spawn. I’m giving up on Urist. Haven’t gotten but 2 rider shields to drop so far.

Going great when I can stay connected! Was kicked 6 times in 4 hours yesterday and haven’t had more then 2 hours so far today to do any!

All of that and only one Molten Lyuda, with no prefix, and no anointment.

Total waste of time.