Overall, I'm just ready for Borderlands 4

The replay value of WL is not doing it for me. I got to 40 level and ran chaos chamber a bunch and am already over WL. Not even a second playthrough. I know there are a few more dlcs coming but im not even that interested

Just get going on BL4 please


I hear ya. That was how I was feeling about 2 weeks after the launch of TTW. Although, after seeing how Gearbox handles things now, I think will pass on any of their new titles … including another Borderlands.


I am still enjoying TTWL, but it might be because I am playing in a slower pace - 2 chars@lvl40, C11 and C13. Sure, its story and sidequests are close to unbearable, but 1 - 2 runs of Chaos Chambers per day is quite an enjoyable experience. That being said, I doubt that GBX will deliver BL4 that would be a jump in Borderlands formula instead of a step.

Ok, let’s do a quick and simplified answer to a question: was a game a “jump” or a “step”?

BL1 - baseline.
BL2 - a jump up in majority of categories from BL1. Neutral in the rest.
BLTPS - a step up in minority of categories from BL2. Also, step down in minority of categories, the rest it neutral.
BL3 - a jump up in 40% of categories from BL2, a step down or a jump down in 30% of categories. Rest is neutral.
TTWL - a step up in 50% of categories from BL3. It is hard to put in perspective this early on (remembah MM2.-ah?).

Of course, this type of thinking is not robust by any means, but this lets me to believe that, IN MY OPINION, that BL4 will be closer to “pain and pleasure” type of experience and I am not too excited about it.

Your mileage may vary.


This may be the last game of theirs I preorder, feels a bit bait and switch-ey. I always supported this studio, and I know this was made during the lockdown. But come on GB, it’s time to beef up this game. OR I would even prefer a very large dlc or 2 for BL3. Maybe like a new and improved arms race with 2 new maps.

I enjoyed this game at the start, but again the replay value is just lacking and the excitement faded quickly


I did like WL at first, but the entertainment and replay value just fell off a cliff for me and I have no desire to really play it now


Except, what makes you think BL4 would be an improvement? My thinking isn’t going there.


I liked this comment but also understand their were certainly gains in gameplay. You know GB just seems to pee down their own leg so to speak.


Considering how BL3 and now apparently TTWL have been handled, think it is best just to leave well enough alone and start a new IP but as others have stated that hasn’t gone over well either so…


Do you expect them to do a better job with BL4 than they have with both BL3 and TTW?

Damn. You are quite the optimist.


Yeah, my thinking is wishfully optimistic. A small speck of me wants them to recapture the magic of BL2. Maybe a return of Handsome Jack as an AI villain. So many things they can do with an AI themed villain

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This is what I am enjoying right now. In just 30-45 minutes at most I can pop on, kill some stuff, have a reasonable challenge, and maybe even tweak my build or gear. But to be fair, I am not doing pixies or anything like that, just running a Chillmonger build which I have come to enjoy - so there is some challenge to it.

But I am not sure how much longer the fun is going to last.


BL3 at LEAST had some replayability and longer content.

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As much as I want BL4, I’m honestly not even certain I trust Gearbox anymore to make it worthwhile. Will probably be the first game since I got hooked on the series I won’t be buying at launch and will wait a month for reviews. It feels like a repeat of TPS coming off the heels of BL2 but worse.

I think this is the fastest I’ve taken a break from a new BL game (2 months)…and I have significantly less time to play compared to the 6+ hours daily I had done with past entries.


If Borderlands 4 is going to be a thing. They need to bring back characters that were treatly poorly. Like Maya for example. Her Death was so cheap and halfed that I actually want her to come back. I played her since Borderlands 2 and still not happy with the way they killed her off.

Also bring back others like Handsome Jack, Ice Lady from Presequel, and etc. Borderlands kind of lost the villain hype when Handsome Jack died. I mean his death was deserved atleast for what he did to people but after Troy and his sister. Yea I want him back again.


I would not hope for BL4 til another few years. Gearbox is on bad run in terms of BL3 and TTWL’s handlings.

While you could throw in the Lockdown excuse for TTWL, fact is many games had Covid Delays, and they could have done that with TTWL.
Gearbox just refuses to make hard decisions such as delays and admitting mistakes.


I’m pretty sick of this excuse when they can just delay the game until it’s finished?

They could push DLC 3/4 for TTW to flesh them out more but we all know they ain’t doing that


I for one hope they stick to the narrative choices that they made, if only to shut everyone who keeps moaning about the BL3 plot up :stuck_out_tongue:

(to make this emphatically clear, I am joking with that)

But, naw, it’s actually because I think on the whole it brought something to the table. There are decisions some folks don’t like, and I get that. I didn’t like everything about BL2, but the developers made their choices and people will either like or not like them.

That decision doesn’t fall to Gearbox, it falls to 2K who I believe still publish Borderlands games.

And no, generally, games can’t be delayed infinitely. Doing so costs money, and not everyone has infinite bags of money to throw around. That’s about as much as I can say without going down a dreaded political tangent :smile:

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We are not talking massive delays, like 6 - 12 mths.
SR Reboot was pushed back. With them stating that they wanting to polish the game more.
Bethesda duo was delayed but that might be cause while Bethesda was happy Xbox wasnt.

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6 to 12 months is that much in development costs, launch window opportunities, and so on. It means redoing advertising, etc.

I’m not saying games shouldn’t be pushed back. I’m saying that call is not Gearbox’s, and that “delay the game until it’s finished” means something different for every poster.

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i get its a joke, but holy ■■■■ i hope they do not. that game’s story deserves all the critique it gets. the only real way to get people to shut up about bl3 plot is if it was retconned into oblivion lmao, and im not even exaggerating

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