Overall Review w/ 12 hours of playtime

Overall, I found the Beta really enjoyable to play and might even pick up the game right when it comes out.

As for bugs, there are a few. In the mission The Algorithm, there are some bugs with the final fight against ISIC. I found a few clipping issues where one of his legs would be outside of the arena so i couldnt injure it until he moved. Also, there was another bug where after he did his big jump attack, his model was somewhere while his hitboxes were somewhere else. Like his model glitched right when he landed. Fortunately that one also fixed after he moved a little bit.

Now in online, I played 5 games as a Rogue character, 4 wins with Reyna, and 1 loss with Shayne & Aurox and was told that i unlocked Toby, who can be unlocked by WINNING 5 games with a Rogue. When i go into my Command > BattleBorn menu Toby is unlcked, but when i enter a game i am unable to pick him. I undesrtand that i havent met the requirements to unlock him but saying that i did is a misleading to say the least.

As for character balancing, I feel like any so far character is good if you are good with them so there isnt too much balancing that needs to be done. Maybe a few buffs and nerfs here and there, but nothing too major.

I enjoy the fact that you can unlock characters simply by leveling up and that there are alternatives to unlock everyone other than leveling up. And it would be even better if the characters that are released in the future follow the same path for unlocking and dont have to be bought immediately to be unlocked.

I really enjoy Gearbox & 2K games simply for their sense of humor, which this game has plenty of. If you’re considering getting this game, i highly reccomend it. And thats just off of the beta. Well done Gearbox & 2K for realesing a beta without game-breaking bugs. Really fun game and might even be my go-to when it releases. I wouldnt be surprised if this game hit it big when it comes out.