Overclocked Effects On Semi-Auto/Burst

Does anyone know if the fire rate increase from overclocked has any effect on either single shot or burst fire weapons? I can’t seem to tell if there is a difference before or after reloading.

Single-shot in terms of manual firing? Like Jakobs weapons? Those have a ceiling on how many inputs they register (and in what frametime). Increasing the fire rate of a semi auto gun let’s the player just fire faster, but it’s not very effective on the fast guns as most people don’t come over or even consistently close to the 10+ fire rate of a semi auto pistol. This however is different with slower weapons. Basically, if you have a fire rate of 1.85 on a shotgun, you only get up to 1.85 shots per second. With additional fire rate you increase that to in this case a bit over 2 shots per second. A small improvement, but improvement nonetheless. To;dr: The slower the semi auto gun, the more you will profit from additional fire rate.

Burst fire weapons just get faster bursts and the time between burst becomes shorter.

Thanks for the reply. Does that mean that there is still a benefit from overclocked, but it’s just capped out?

On weapons on which you fire manually, you have to consider your own triggerfinger, and human limitations.

Capped isn’t the right word. Semi automatic guns, on which the player has to manually press the button to shoot every time, have a cap on how fast they can fire. This cap is the fire rate. So, a Semi-Automatic pistol with 10 fire rate will only register up to that speed of inputs, so if someone gives 20 inputs per seconds, half of that would go to waste. The gun couldn’t keep up. If you increase the fire rate with Overclocked you get a higher cap. But if you yourself can only shoot 5 shots per second, then there is no need for increasing that cap as you can’t reach it in the first place. That’s why slow semi-automatic weapons profit more from additional fire rate as most people can’t even reach the cap of the fast weapons.

Burst fire weapons have a fire rate that is split between the burst and the pause between the next burst, which comes together as the displayed fire rate. If you increase the fire rate, both the burst and the pause become faster (the burst fires the same amount of bullets in less time and the pause becomes shorter).

Ah ok, thank you. I am rocking the Maggie and Crossroads, so I wanted to see if I should stick with overclocked, or give myself sustain.

Well, the Maggie is probably faster than you yourself could fire, but the Crossroads would benefit from fire rate bonuses.