Overdrive: Skill damage AND attack damage

I don’t know if this is well known, but I didn’t know it until recently. So, I was playing Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion as Whiskey Foxtrot and one of the objectives was to kill an Elite Bot with a skill, which I did, with Overdrive, but I failed the objective. So I did some experimenting in a private match. As it turns out, both attack damage gear AND skill damage gear increase the damage from Whiskey Foxtrot’s ultimate, and for reasons I don’t quite understand Overdrive doesn’t proc the tertiary effect of the Bola’s Target Finder despite receiving the damage increase from skill damage gear. Anyway, the damage increase is small as Whiskey’s damage per shot isn’t much so I wouldn’t recommend it, just thought I’d point it out because the more you know.

Edit: Shoutout to @blainebrossart1 for helping me with this little experiment. (Couldn’t remember your forum name until you popped up in my notifications)


Welcome back, @Slif_One, and thanks for the info; i’ll definitely be changing my Whiskey loadout when i next jump on Battleborn.

…Also, don’t ask @blainebrossart1 ANY information on the lore dates of your favorite Battleborn, or he might pull you out of whatever happy matrix your mind has created. TAKE THE BLUE PILL, SLIF!!


Good to know, but

Skill or attack? Both? Does attack speed increase it?

Even with both, the damage per shot is so low that while not insignificant, the increase is minor. I ran the test at level 5 though, at 10 it may make a big enough difference.

Yes, I tested it with no attack speed and it took approximately five seconds to empty clip, compared to around four with +10.08% attack speed. I didn’t record and go frame by frame for exact time, but attack speed does indeed affect Overdrive. Again though, such a minor increase that I wouldn’t call it significant, perhaps hardly noticeable because Overdrive has such an insane RoF already. But I think attack speed is a great stat on Whiskey anyway because of his basic attack and his legendary. Recently I’ve changed my build to include reload speed at level 5 and 7 for hilariously fast reloads with his legendary because why not, though normally I prefer movement speed at 5 and four-shot burst at 7.

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Thanks for the welcome back :slight_smile: I was gone a while, thought you’d all forgotten me :open_mouth: I know I would have :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers mate!

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I don’t even have his legendary and I love the instant reloads already. Because it’s every other, I basically think of it as one huge mag. So I always reload to have the double mag up

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That’s what I was doing before getting his legendary, quickly fire one burst outside of combat then reload and prepare for combat with taped mag ready, but his legendary requires a reload from empty which changed the way I play him as I’m used to always reloading outside of combat. I really like Whiskey, I’ve got a lot to learn but I wanna get good with him and add someone new to my usual 3-4 character rotation, someone unorthodox and outside the norm for my playstyle.


Yeah, I reload rather neurotically often. Too afraid of missing the final hit. OM suited me well. Whiskey Foxtrots legendary may take some time haha. I figure it’ll allow me to drop duct taped mags and choose the 4 burst but we’ll see


Nice find.

It might be worth the skill damage to buff napalm in any case.

I normally just go attack speed/reload speed on old WF.

VoZF or Purp jennerit sword for the AS/crits, lore leg, shard gen.

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Why VoZF over SEoA?

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Vow is easier to reach max AS stacks with VoZF instead of being reliant on the crits to reach it.

Plus the crit damage on VoZF is a better secondary imo.

Also my stolen edge isn’t max roll so I’ve never really used it, I just see VoZF as a better option in general though.

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Fair enough, I’ve only ever used VoZF on Pendles and don’t think I’ve ever used SEoA, great in theory but I see better alternatives.

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Random thing I decided to test after learning that Bolas Target Finder’s legendary doesn’t proc on overdrive.

LeechSteel Broach does heal you when you use Overdrive. I wouldn’t use it on him ever because the only person that I feel can somewhat make efficient use of this legendary is ISIC and that’s if you don’t have anything better. But the more you know.

Wow nice find, this makes it even more curious that Overdrive doesn’t proc Bola’s.

You just reminded me of back when Miko was integral to the Incursion meta and nothing had been nerfed yet, I’d play ISIC and on several occasions once I’d hit level 5 and activated the Leechsteal Brooch could solo the sentry while it was firing directly at me, with Miko pocketing (or backpacking, as you prefer) I could near on wipe the entire enemy team.

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Curious as to your thoughts for either of these, as they go against my common understanding. Killer Regen is an auto-take for me (makes Whiskey one of the best Symbiotic Gauntlet users because he is completely self-sustaining, he should always have Killer Regen triggered if he’s being played right.), and I always went double-taped mags because it’s so useful, 4 shot burst seemed nice until I realized it worked against his legendary (you will find yourself firing off a 2 round burst before your reload, not desirable when you have to fire down the clip to get the legendary effect). It may just be that I don’t like how it gives him an uneven cadence to his fire, as if you’re landing every shot you are still doing the same damage. I just had the perception when I was trying it out of often regretting having that last 2 round burst because it came right when I needed a full burst to finish someone off.

Truthfully, I’m ■■■■ as Whiskey, I just enjoy using him. I run regen gear which is why I don’t bother with Killer Regen, I like the movement speed for ducking in and out or running people down with Overdrive, and I just like an extra shot to the burst, less bursts between reloads is a pretty nice DPS increase, taped mags is fun but I don’t find it necessary, unless stacking reload speed then it’s hilarious. Nothing wrong with either of those choices though.

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