Overflowing Bank

When I only had Amara and hadn’t played any DLCs, 400 slots was more than adequate. I had to make some choices but nothing too difficult. Now I have Zane. They can share, so no big deal. But then I played the first 2 DLCs and things are getting tough! I have to get rid of things to make room for better gear. All this, and I haven’t even started DLC 3 which I hear has some of the best weapons in the entire game!! Add that to multiple elements for a lot of them and 400 slots is no longer enough!
I think Gearbox should expand the bank by 100 slots for every new vault hunter that you use and should add 50 new slots for every DLC. I’m not sure what to do. Amara and Zane each have a backpack that can hold 50 items and my bank is maxed out at 400 and I’m about to start DLC 3. Never mind, Bloody Harvest starting this week. I spend so much time managing inventory, it’s ridiculous!! I’ve heard of mules but I have no idea what that is. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

To answer the question of what is a mule: a mule is simply a vault hunter you create with the sole purpose using their backpack space to hold gear you want to keep but wouldnt’ have room for otherwise.

In terms of managing the bank what I do is figure out what items I like on a character and what is just a collector’s item. The collector’s items I store in the bank and on the wall. If I like an item for a character then I will go back and keep farming as I level up. The only exception to this is if I find a bonkers piece of gear for another character (example playing as Fl4k I found a bloodletter with +3 desperate measures and +2 phalanx doctrine with weapon damage and action skill damage) . then I will pick it up and store in the bank to transfer to the intended toon later.

As for the extra bank slots, while I would like that I don’t think that is feasible. Between the frequent updating and various system limitations just getting 500 slots like D2 would be a win.


Thank you so much for the explanation! I didn’t know you could store items on the wall! How do you do that?

The items per wall are one of each type; walk up to one of the gaps, and it’ll say, “place shotgun” or whatever for that slot. If you interact with that, it’ll put you into a menu showing only your shotguns. If you select one, it’ll transfer from your backpack to the wall, where you can check it out.



I used to struggle with bank space until I decided to delete all weapons that didnt have SNTNL Cryo, URAD or Consecutive Hits anointments (the only ones I personally use) with my chars.

I also got rid of my underleved gear except for my level 53 Wedding Invitation, which for some unknown reason holds some sentimental value to me.

After doing so, I had about half my bank space freed up.


All the wonderful hidden gems in the game that I would have no idea existed unless someone took the time to share. Thank you!

If you haven’t messed with the walls in there, look for some obscure little hooks along the wall that you can interact with - they let you hang custom decorations on them. I think everyone’s room has three.

Then check the more recent decorations with which you can interact to make them move, light up, or something interesting.


Once upon a time there was a Borderlands called 2, it had many guns but few bank spaces and everybody complained and begged for more. Then one day the dev’s gave birth to a Borderlands named 3, it had many gun and many bank slots, but in a massive FU to the community they were shared between all VH’s. The End.


Certainly simplifies things! Thank you.

LOL!![quote=“HiLLy_53, post:9, topic:4546208, full:true”]
Once upon a time there was a Borderlands called 2, it had many guns but few bank spaces and everybody complained and begged for more. Then one day the dev’s gave birth to a Borderlands named 3, it had many gun and many bank slots, but in a massive FU to the community they were shared between all VH’s. The End.


If you’re on PC you can simply copy your game save a few times and name them a different number to create mules with already maxed out backpacks.

On console it’s beneficial to have a second account and use split-screen to generate mules. You can pull in lvl1 characters straight to Sanctuary to give them stuff.


I’m on PS4. Great tip! Thank you!

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Eventually you will find you don’t need all that gear. Some of it will be under leveled, some of will be duplicates, some will have annoitments that don’t work with your playstyle, etc.

Something I do every so often is pick a category, like pistols or Torgue weapons, and go through just that group. I remove and sell anything I don’t need, usually with a low level character giving them lots of cash for upgrades.


If you create a second local account on your device, you can have that account hold your mules. This means you can have another whole bank. If you have a second controller you can also bring this mule in splitscreen, thereby doubling the loot potential when farming.


This right here can make farming on console somewhat bearable. Just sucks when both toons get the same drops which occasionally happens. Also need to get one of those mules up to lvl 65 to get on level drops.


Great tip! Thank you!

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That’s what I’ve been doing to clear up space but with all my farming, there are many weapons I haven’t even tried yet. Plus, I have every element available for my favorite weapons so that talked up room too but I’m managing. I’ve made 3 mules so far but probably won’t go over 4. And I haven’t even done the last 2 DLCs yet! I have weapons from the first 2 that I haven’t even tried yet to see if I like them. So, yes, I still have some work to do!

Honestly, the only reason I keep running out of space is due to farming. I hate the idea of hard earned loot going to waste (even though most of it I will never use). Every once in a while I go through and purge 100+ items from the bank and then I am back to manageable levels.

However, I would love to see each wall mount turned into a rotating trophy case, like in one of Marcus’ gun machines. That way, you could store multiple versions of gear on your wall for display and cycle through them as you feel like in terms of which one is on display at any given time.

But in terms of gripes, why is it that there is only three places to hang wall decorations? I mean, really. Why tease players that way? Either give us a dozen or more spots or don’t give us any. Three is a waste of effort and creates resentment with every world drop of more unusable decorations. No one wants to spend their game time doing inventory management, especially to swap wall decorations out.

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If they add bank slots, which I agree it’s time to do, then I’d like to see some quality of life changes:

  • Ability to search according to anointment.
  • Not have every item appear as “new” when we come to the bank. Every time I want to go through my loot I end up having to go through them all first to get rid of that little symbol.

Some other things would be nice but not essential. Those two would be the main ones I’m hoping for.

One thing that would be really cool though would be to have a mobile app which allows us to view our bank, sell things from it, trade with other players and take things from/put things into our vault hunters’ backpacks. They could call it the Borderlands app and put the Borderlands science game and an ability to design and save builds on there. Well, one can dream :sweat_smile: