Overgrowth and that one spot where all the marksman stand at

So I enjoy playing Battleborn and all the glorious fun that comes with it. However there is one spot in Overgrowth that is pretty good but also has it’s fair share of problems. Those of you who have played the map often you should know that it’s that spot where pretty much every Marquis stands up at and snipes. The spot itself is pretty easy to counter, pulls and stealth screw over the spot pretty hard, however there are two things that I’ve noticed in the spot.

First thing involves Marquis specifically but is a problem easily fixed. Glorious head glitching, for those of you not sure what that is. Basically a character is tall enough to shoot above a piece of cover but cannot be shot at because of how small their character model is. If this were any other character then I would be fine with it but Marquis does so much damage that it can quickly become a problem. Solutions make the platform something you have to jump on and not some sort of stairway or a small bit of cover that could help block off the lower bit to prevent head glitching.

Second thing, it is entirely possible with all the snipers (Marquis, Toby, Whiskey Foxtrot, and all those other long range battleborn.) to snipe the first spider turret from that spot. Easy way to fix that, change that weird striped wall with a big old black wall behind it that completely covers the spider turret and also blocks off the side opposite of the stairs to make that place a bit more of a risk to just stay there.

This is simply something I’ve noticed that makes the game just a tad bit unfair and not fun. Feel free to express your thoughts about this whole thing if you have better ways of fixing the issues at hand.

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As a Toby player, I agree 100% marq can shoot me down in six shots, force field and all, and I have to do some masterful/lucky hits on him to do any damage because he literally isn’t around the corner. It’s weird that my gun location actually matters (I shoot, but I’m near a wall, so it’s blocked even though my crosshairs say differently), but he can just get hits crosshairs through. However, that’s a rant for another thread.
That spot needs to be equally safer and more dangerous. No more head glitching, maybe a little less visibility, and maybe a tiny bit higher off the ground. Melee’s shouldn’t be able to jump and hit me imo. Go around, yes, jump, no.

I meant a little less visibility for the sniper, by the way. Since, on those off matches where they don’t have Marquise, I can easily get everyone low health with virtually no damage. It’s a bit op.