Overgrowth fixed yet ruined at thesame time

I love battleborn and i find it genuinely fun. While their are some bad aspects. Most classes are able to actual play well on any map. Marquis(and any snipers) have been screwed of this on overgrowth. It had been broken because some players would just snipe the sentry, theres now the issues that the enemy can just hop up to directly hit you with defeats the purpose of having a sniping post. Makes sniping for a majority of the playtime on overgrowth impossible. While before it made it so a lane push could be defended or attacked. Which can no longer happen bc any melee class can simply run straight at you on the ledge and wipe you out. Its great that they fixed the fact of sniping sheild away but the current system makes it so that the sniper can barely run away any more because of the boards. My thought is ether get rid of the boards for a better option which makes it possible for snipers to flee or get rid of the way up onto the snipers box for most classes unless you have the ability like atticus or the pissed of eldrid

No. I completely disagree, The perch could always be assaulted if the enemy team was pushed up, they just had to run around the corner. Now, they don’t have to do that, they just have to spend roughly the same amount of time jumping twice up onto the ledge. The functionality remains almost exactly the same: If you don’t control mid, and the enemy team can walk up to the choke point in front of the base, you’re not safe on that ledge.

Maybe bad players didn’t run around the corner, and seeing the rock makes them suddenly realize they can go up there, but you certainly weren’t just safe there, and there were plenty of characters that could assault you on it just with abilities.

His positioning stays the same, back behind his team firing shots, if your team doesn’t have control of the space in front of you, whether in front of the ledge or wherever, then you’re at the same vulnerability you always have been.


I enjoy the new box, I feel like people don’t pay attention to it sometimes now.

It used to anger me to no end that Rath’s double jump wouldn’t let you up the front of the perch haha. Although now you don’t need it at all for shenanigans.

You know what I was going to make a post about this about "How I viewed the fixes differently and got something I totally didn’t expect, I was going to say how the height is bad because that makes things like Rath’s double jump pointless to come up and kill my Toby, but then I went, hold on, I actually am okay with this. I am a bulky ass version of a Sniper and I am okay with this, Marquis the Cheese from your point of view is scrawny, can have his owls by the steps to protect you and your slowmo field ready for anyone who comes on top, it is still higher ground for sniping, so now you have to rely on your allies to keep them back. I just want to state, you must be a cheeser if you complain about the new changes or you were a head glitcher that cant enjoy cheesing for kills. Not everyone was born a BADASS to go solo, run around to corner dodging your allies to come slap you some sense, so for those who are partial or potential bad ass and able to climb up from the front with minimal worry about your OP random or premade allies, is a GREAT, or PERFECT IDEA.

In short:
Don’t be a butt-hurt sniper afraid of someone confronting you for being on higher ground and visible from head to toes

It still servse purpose for flanking, I used Rath once to jump up through double thrall area to protect melka and Isic while my team enjoyed the minion kill and keeping the enemy back from our sentry

Reminds me of when i used atticus to hop up past double thralls with another guy to get the enemy thrall for our team to have all thralls before first sentry was dead

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You just blew my mind and made me jealous of why I didnt think of that while protecting my allies Back, NOOOOOOOOO!!! so much missed opportunities!!!

We had already gotten the the other thralls and there were enemies up there in the first place. Just made sense to create a hard press situation with a stronger flank. I wasnt abandoning anyone.

It also doesnt have anything to do with being but hurt or anything. When your squeshy like marquis. Having a hero like galia simply hop up your pretty boned

Well that a Galilea issue not the concept issue. Marquis isn’t so fragile and he is manueverable, can slow gal down, and hoodini owl should have spotted galilea from a mile away depending where the owls were put down, not to mention a bubble so big, com on … Did a marquis not see a dome coming his way, and it still applies with other melee characters and Hoodini spotting them for him

She doesn’t “simply hop up.”

You’re losing the lane. You’re losing. Her team has map control. You shouldn’t be in front of your team, whether you’re on a ledge or not. You should be behind them. Meaning, if you don’t have mid control, you need to back up.

If she can simply “hop up” and hit you in the face, then you’ve already made a mistake.

I don’t understand why so many people in this game complain about things that are clearly the result of their own chosen positioning. If you see Gally in mid… and your teammates aren’t in front of you to stop her from attacking you… why would you ever think the solution is to change the map? You need to BACK UP. You’re not a front liner.

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I used to take melka just for getting at that pesky marquis… now i can take anything tho.

If your sniping up there , u should be able to see your opponents from a mile away, snipe them on the way up. I get punished by a good marquis if I try to rush him