Overgrowth has been ruined!

Simple explanation of the rework on the map and why it has ruined it. The new sniper perch is now accessible to all players… so what purpose does it serve.
It is now just an alternate route to jump onto the sentry site which might be worse the the Marquis cheesing strat! Lane is almost laughably forgettable now with this new easier and safer avenue to get to your objective site. Honestly dont know where the thought process was on this one. it was already hard enough to defend sentry from all the angles there were before… now you add another one 20 feet from the sentry!

I totally disagree. From my experience, it’s extremely easy for a defensive team with AOEs to lock down the two chokepoints (not counting the thrall pit route) on the old overgrowth. With the arrival of shepherd minions, new special abilities on thralls for destroying waves of minions and hammering sentries, teams will have to play aggressively to win rather than just holding out on their lead.


Wow how insightful! Wait did i ask about the rest of the patch notes… And playing defensively is a viable strat, no idea where this playing like a CoD berserker thing has room in this game!

Because the point of a moba is to push minions into your enemy’s base… And take the objectives… Not to sit on your bum on defense. Now the map rewards the team that fights for and controls mid, as it should.


As one who likes to play defensively… you’re totally right, the point of the game is to attack and anything that encourages a little more offensive play (without turning it into team death match) is a good thing… I can’t wait to try out the new cheese-less Overgrowth next time I log on…


So the team that dosnt have mid control should be a guaranteed a loss by your logic… Your saying defense shouldn’t be viable and should falter because its less aggressive… That makes sense!
PS: This isnt a MOBA and never will be. It is its own game so let it be its own game.

This game is going down a mindless berserk for kills path and its not good! The good things are shrinking rapidly!

Incursion and meltdown modes are mobas. Fact. Attempt to argue all you want, you’re wrong. Go research mobas. That’s what they are.

And, yes, the team losing the fight, unable to hold their position, and pushed into their base will always be the team that is losing the game.

If you don’t understand this, then you’re going to have a bad time in both game modes.


Lmfao that’s the opposite of what this update has done, now you can’t just sit back and camp, you have to fight for the objectives. That doesn’t mean you have to chase kills, quite the opposite, now you have to hold key positions to get benefits. That’s map control, that’s objective focused game play. That’s why mobas are tactical. Sitting in your base killing wave after wave isn’t tactical at all lmfao

This isnt a MOBA and it never will be plain and simple! it is a first person shooter! you cannot define a game by half of its game modes that make no sense

I have played many MOBAs none have campaign story missions!

Not even wasting my breath at this point with you…

Uh, moba and fps aren’t mutually exclusive descriptors.


I’m still trying to figure out how melee characters are shooting things…

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Pretty sure this guy is 15 year old in a 20 something body. “No no no! You can’t shoot me when I’m shooting you from here that’s not how the game works!” I like to pretend to read that in a nerds lispy voice try it out


Are you out of breath from typing?


Why dont you let the developers decide what game they have made instead of you, thanks for ruining my post!

Its a MOBA. Accept it.


I have to agree, this entire update killed my interest with the game by a large amount. I’ve been hooked with not a single complaint, but now I’m stuck with incursion ruined, and Galilea neutered along with match time skyrocketing, not something I like at all

So, you just defined the game by its visual perspective… Which has nothing to do with the gameplay functionality… But I can’t point out that two of the modes function precisely like a moba, while you’re complaining about having issues playing one of those modes…


And you realize you just described a game that has about half of the characters using melee weapons as a “shooter,” and “just” a shooter, right?

That’s fine, really. Go ahead, dig your heels in and get upset about it. The bottom line is that whatever you want to call the mode, it’s still going to punish you for hiding in your base instead of contesting the important parts of the map, so it doesn’t really matter if you understand why the mode functions as a moba or not… You’ll still lose if you hide from the fight.