Overgrowth has been ruined!

They just decided, you’re the one that doesn’t like it… I’m stoked! :slight_smile:

Dude, calm down.

Whether this is a moba or not is irrelevant for what they are trying to tell you.

Now, IF - if, you have a mode in some game, which pits two teams against each other on a symmetrical map and the goal is to basically breach to the opposing team’s base - we can call it whatever we want it. We can call it football if we want to, and coincidentally, it actually kinda fits the description.
But, if said game mode is like described, the most natural thing ever would be to enable/encourage offense, because both attack are, in fact, attacking into enemy territory with the purpose of going through defenses.
IF a mode was asymmetrical in nature, so that one team has to, say, siege a castle and the other one to resist the siege, then yes, for the besieged team, the defensive tactic would be great and undoubtedly encouraged.

Also, it seems to me that you are advocating for almost opposite things at the same time somehow

While also not making a lot of sense. You are advocating a certain change, then replying to another forum poster with “why not let developers decide what game they have made”? You are advocating a non-CoD game atmosphere then shortly after you exclaim that it’s a fps and not a moba, which is a calmer genre by design. Lastly, you say that half of the modes make the game a moba, but those modes make no sense (?), but your whole topic is about tweaks to one of those moba modes.

What gives?


What do you mean it ruins defensive play? I can’t wait to go Kleese and set up energy rifts at the sniper nest entrance. Muhahaha. strokes my imaginary cat backwards


Haha I just got done wrecking a really aggressive team with that actually! Two behind the tower and I kept tossing one linked up into it! Lol, their phoebe, orendi, and om eventually just gave up!! Haha.

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Ok “Playing Defensive” basically means turtling in your base, and yes that means you should lose.

You can play “Defensive” on offense by holding onto your teams ground advances or securing Thralls/Minions
And that Was and still is a viable play style in terms of strategy, unfortunately the games Score doesn’t reflect contributions in that area and i’ve made a thread on that (others have as well) and that’s a problem, but this isnt.

And Like I said, turtling at base means you should lose.

I actually just played some Overgrowth after patch, I won and while i got 7 kills, i primarily was the thrall/minion person while using AoE to help enemies from pushing us back.

Map seems a lot better now, hell we won but the other teams Galt (when they were making a come back and started damaging out sentry) used the opening to get some good hits on us, but because AoE in that little area i chased them out pretty easily, not to mention how easy it is for the melee to corner people in that nest.

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so you liked to marcheese and be op as galilea?

Unless you’re Kleese, then it’s okay… Right? casually aims shock taser in your direction

Lol I love Kleese, but he isn’t going to win from there. He’s great at holding the line, but if your team can’t push, he’s still screwed

(holds guinea pig out in selfdefense)

Lol, but yeah, thats because that’s Kleese’s playstyle, Kleese is realistically a HealerTank class
He places little shield healers all over every single physical space in the level and it helps everyone lol >~>
I think Kleese doesn’t always fall into that category though its just a place he excels

I think Kleese’s best way of play is to set up a hold at base and then join in the fray to help establish another hold the enemy won’t be able to take back (as easily atleast)

And I think thats how most play Kleese, I’ve seen one offensive Kleese but…it didnt end well lol
Killed him and the only time he had any chance was when he and their Boulder teamed up on me.

But yeah, Kleese in my view atleast is a foothold maker, and falls into the other defensive categories more often than not >w>

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The stairs are right up the back now, you can’t just run around a corner and push the nest like you could before, what are you talking about?

I dont even know why you guys answer to him, he’s just a marquis player who used to sit back and enjoy and is now pissed because he needs map awareness.
Whiners will whine.

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Damn that was an entertain thread. Thank you for ending my night in a chuckling note. It’s a moba, you push minions and destroy things to score. Regardless of where the camera is, that’s the basis. I haven’t played the new OG, I’m excited for marcheese to die in a fiery pit. I use Toby there, and I love when people dive me, particularly after I get my stun. Plus, if I can get back to my nest before getting upward boost, that’ll be sick for wave clear! Just one mine and two shots to a Shepard, minions die from mine and my minions push :smiley:

I don’t see this going anywhere good.