Overgrowth in Bots Battle!

Have been playing Bots Battle since it started, this was the first Overgrowth.

Super Ultra Rare (Mentioned by several as the match started)

Bots were 2 ISIC, Ambra, Galilea and Marquis.
They did rather well but not as well as they do on Monuments.

  • It is annoying that the Marquis bot always runs away.

They just added it in the queue which is why you have never seen it before. You have Randy to thank for it’s inclusion as it was an oversight on the devs part.


Someone may have asked here directly if it could be added. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t expect it to be fixed in less than half a day, but I’m very happy to have all the maps in there finally.

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Just played it again, fun map with the bots.

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The thing that kinda bugs me with Overgrowth vs Bots is that the bots do not use the sniper perches. Like, never.
It´s great for me, but somehow it takes the Overgrowth-feel away a bit…

I noticed that too but the Marquis bot uses very good positing.


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Difference: I was seen. :stuck_out_tongue: (jk)

New here, and didn’t search if I’m the first to ask (and I assumed I’m not). Didn’t see it as much of an issue personally since Kleese can be finished on other maps too lately and was just curious if there is a reason for it to be absent.

It was excluded by mistake, but it’s been fixed apparently.

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I know :wink: