Overgrowth map ideas

Hi there! I’ve been murking around these forums for a couple of days now and this will be my first post. No idea where to put it so I thought general discussion would be a good place to start.Anyway my idea is to remove that barrier in in the little cave in between the first and second sentries and also remove that back wall. I mean the wall directly in front of the second sentry, which right now is right behind that new barrier. The thought being that there is now a horrible choke point at that small space inbetween that back wall and the barrier. The team pushing can hold that spot against even the best and most coordinated team attacks just because of how small the area to attack is. That little tiny cave mouth opening is so easy to hold it is insane! My thought is to remove that entire wall and that barrier. Or at least open up that little entry way some more. It would let the defending team be able to push into the way a little more. I think it would bring a good balance to the map.

but that same chokepoint can be used as a lure, say 2 people from the team that got their sentry destroyed hold that line…that leaves 3 to loop around and flank the enemy

The flank area by the mercs is easy to monitor, if you have three people in that little camp area then you can have on circle between merc and the heal point while two maintain the mouth of the cave. if the circling player finds another player near the merc drop down they either mark or use mic to say “hey dudes, I found a guy over here.” Then the person with the most CC stays at the choke point, a char with good CC-- Miko, Cal, etc-- can solo that area long enough for the two other players to hopefully take the flanking player. This, of course, is assuming that only three players stay in the cave; however, the true value of the area comes when you have three people perma hold the cave, the other two rotating (one in the mrec flank and the other on the minion flank). Then you can choose to either send one player to aid if a flank happens, or two players depending on the character(s) flanking. Honestly you do not even need mics or cordination for this. I just had a game where we held this choke point against a five person attack (two at merc flank, two at cave mouth, one at minion flank) with only three people (oscar mike, benadict and gal (me)). It is just to easy to hold that area, even with the wall people just stand on the stairs and snipe the sentry there. If you have any kind of slowing or pulling CC or even a damage CC then you can hold the area against even a well coordinated and executed attack, its just to simple.

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true enough, but it can be taken, take for example kleese. if you’re in that room he can lob mortars into the doorway from the spawn(my deterrent strategy) and after level 7 those mortars will just bounce around in there

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A good strat, but with the health station right there the damge falls off pretty quickly. Also how many mortars does he shoot off? (6?)

I would love to follow along but I havent the slightest clue where youre talking about on the map. I know Im not very smart but its killing me that I cant follow this conversation lol. Please try to make it more clear for me where youre talking about on the map?

Right outside the spawn area there is a staircase leading to that area with the supply station and the shepard turret. A recent change put a gaurd wall on the platform right outside that little supply station area. My recomendation was to remove both the wall on that platform as well as the back wall on the little supply station area. In order to make it less of a choke point area and to balance the pushing and defending teams a little more. hopefully that makes more sense haha!

6 or 10, and if you overcharge them that’s 100~ per mortar hit, if they bounce around that’s potentially a lot of hits and it’s more of a “breaching” strategy, team mates stack on the door on our side and I lob the mortars so that as they bounce my allies get shields restored and enemies take damage. and 10 seconds later I send a follow up barrage to restore shields and add to chaos

and Kirk, the spot we are talking about is the supply station rooms if the first sentry is destroyed and they entrench up there he’s saying the bottleneck is easy to hold(i’ll grant that it take creativity to knock a team out of there)

Okay, I see now. Lol sorry about that. Now Ive only seen the winning team able to use those rooms well, I assume youre talking of the offensive use of the room and not a defensive? My experience has always been that we sweep that whole first sentry area and take their SS room or vise-versa; Never have I defended from it well, as a team. Assuming Im right and this topic is on the offensive use of the room, GBX needs to limit or remove buying enemy buildables in order to make the room null and void. As is, teams jump in there and focus fire on the final sentry instead of continuing to push minions and that alone is why I wouldnt want that wall removed from the doorway

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a good point as well, I’ve seen it well defended but it was due to good teamwork, I typically play kleese or ambra, as ambra I drop a sunspot then solar wind slam/ ult or drop my sunspot and sustain it for my team(depending on how things look)in the first few seconds

that is a great idea!

the thing about attacking with those big aoe moves is that the area up there is big enough that a team can just move out of the aoe. Often times while still being able to remain up in that cave area.

but I play teams a lot, aoe is just meant to make them back up. that let’s my team mates engage them further away from the supply station and i’m impressed with the cordial discussion on here…I’ve seen a lot of unsavory attitudes on here

Don’t jinx it!

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