Overgrowth map suggestion

After the first sentry is destroyed, disable the supply station in that area. Once a team gets into that area, it makes comebacks much less likely because it becomes next to impossible to chase them out of that spot. Flanking can make it happen sometimes, but whenever I’m on the team in that spot we usually split up. A couple people hold the supply station area taking potshots at the final sentry, and the rest go down the lane with the minions then return to heal up occasionally.

That situation is extremely difficult for a team to work out of. I don’t know about everyone else, but I love a good comeback game.

Anyone with me?

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Did you mean the Overgrowth map? :wink:

Good ideas btw!

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No clue what you’re talking about >.>

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:smiley: Stuff hapens! (I still call Gal “Athena” in 8/10 times, its just so deep in my head since TPS >.<)

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No, that supply station works both ways.

The problem with that room is that everyone tries to attack from the front. The sentryside entrance is way easier to defend from the inside than the rear is.
No one should be pushing in through that little choke point.

Since I saw a lot of surrender after 1st Sentry, what’s the point of having 2nd Sentry?
My suggestion is


Make MID bigger, then increase turret placement in Sentry
also make the live too 100 instead of 50
Since sentry is close to spawn location, increase spawn delay by 3 or 5 seconds.

If it’s going to be too much work for dev.
Just remove 1st sentry
increase the 2nd sentry health to 100
and add more turret near the sentry

Or just a futur map with one sentry instead of 2… or 2 sentry but on 2 differents lane

Right, but like I said, if the team is holding that room while still pushing minions on the side, it’s very difficult to flank them. Even if you are damaging their heroes, they have a heal station right around the corner, so they get to play conservatively. Even if you push the minions close to the entrance, the team holding the station has the perfect ambush point for heroes coming around.

Then, if they manage to push to that point AND survive the ambush, they still have to fight a team standing under a supply station. They need to hit the supply station first, which is not an easy target when there’s a team in the way.

That all adds up to a nearly impossible comeback scenario.

Maybe it’s best to change the layout of that chokepoint so it isn’t as difficult to attack? Or add side entrances to that room?