Overgrowth Shard Route

I’m sure we’ve played this map a lot. What’s your route when the game first starts? I go on the longest path, by the stinger turret, because a lot of big shards are left there :wink:

I go the route by the thrall every time. Usually somebody goes out the middle door and to the outside to get shards by the shock turret, and then somebody will go out the third door to get shards by the stinger. So if all that happens, thrall route will get you most shards.


I do what I do on most maps and just take w/e direction everyone else isn’t taking.


Both give you like values when they are fully run.

The lightning turret route was always the important one.

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-activates free shard generater, and sets up shield for lane-guarding-

Route to shards engaged!


Thrall side, Rushing to acquire that middle turret is always a must. having it up constantly really helps control the middle and most of the match.


On Overgrowth I just go where my heart leads me. I don’t really care about picking the shards, I just like getting to the mid before the minions do. Means they gotta by me a beer after the game.

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The entire shard route on Overgrowth gives 590 shards total. The first shard pickup on the thrall side gives 155 followed by two that give 65 (285 total). Since that route is significantly shorter in total distance to the other route, you are bound to at least get the next one or the next few which give 25 shards each (unless someone not on the long route beat you to the small ones).

Going the long route by the stinger does not guarantee that you will get the small ones directly afterwards since players will usually go that route once they see you go for the stinger.

The route that guarantees the most shards (if your character can get to them first) is the route by the thrall side. That is the route I generally take if I can. If not I take the second best route that gets me the most shards possible (which depends on what my teammates leave me with).

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Route with thrall gives more shards and gets you to the field faster

The opposing side however gets you closer to the bunker for the extended shard path next to single large crystal spawn and gives your team a full multi angular attack in mid. Plus some people don’t even take that extra part and you can nab there small clusters too

Getting the shock turret built assp is all well and good but it doesn’t beat your teAm saving up the shards to max it out. This is all just my opinion though

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I also absolutely love giving all the shards to the team healer (me) because the team healer (me) flourishes when showered with shards.

But the best ultimate shard route that everyone should know is;

whatever route Retro is taking. Steal his shards. It’ll quadruple the amount of salt, which will then crystallize and make more shards. Unfortunately this only works on PC

I’ve ran in front of others, taken all of their shards, turned around, and taunted the stranger :yum:

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It’s best when you can actually hear their anguish. I also 100% approve when the anguish is in a british accent. The best anguish is a british anguish.

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