"Overheating" on xbox

Anyone else experiencing overheating on the xbox when you get to the scene where Vaughn is in need of rescue? Game plays completely fine, and it only happened on occasion. but now, on a new character, whenever I get to that one scene, it completely shuts my xbox off and gives me the overheating issue.

That might be just your xbox dude. Does it happen only there? Can you try going to a different part of the area and see if it still crashes? Is it always the same amount of time that passes?

It isn’t my xbox as it is only this game, only during this scene, that this happens. I can play hours around the game before this scene, or have my xbox off for e4 hours and rush to this scene in only a few minutes. Exact same spot, every single time.

It’s happened to me twice while playing this game also. I’ve never had any other game shut down my One X completely like that…it’s really weird.

Right? It only happened to me a couple of other times throughout the game but was able to get through them and play through the game. I started a new character and I can’t seem to get through this seen anymore. 10 tries and I’m just defeated at this point.

Maybe it’s a COV XBOX?
Sorry. Couldn’t resist! :flushed: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m on PS4 and while I didn’t had any “serious trouble”. I do hear the fan a lot more than usual.
Make sure to keep your vents clean. Mine are due I think…

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My console bricked last night playing this game. Got to level 19 and it just died. I was experiencing the same framerate and stuttering issues like many others are. It shut off 3 times randomly this week only to die for good last night. I have the original day one console but there are posts on Reddit and other forums the x1x is also bricking from the bugs in this game. Be careful.

I had the fan issue with a couple of games (Division 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey primarily), and after a while, the system would just shut down and say it was too hot. Even before, firing up those games would cause my system to do it’s best impression of a jet engine. I finally got tired of it and sent the system back to Microsoft, as it was still under warranty, and haven’t had any issues since.


You should probably take this to the tech support forums and creat a ticket with 2k


I recently had xbox one power off …think i was at sanctuary…since then pulling up backpack screen is slow…using ssd external drive to store the game


Whay kind of abuse were you given the thing?

Games don’t brick hardware. Whatever the particular load the game is putting on the system the moment it crashes is merely an indication of hardware on the verge of failing. The game itself didn’t break your hardware.

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