Overkill (Guardian Rank) and Remnant Orbs?

Hi! I have what might be a silly question, but I can’t figure it out, so I wanted to put it here. I run an Amara build that relies on Remnant a fair bit, and the Remnant orbs are supposed to apply overkill damage to the enemies they hit. Now, there’s a separate Guardian rank perk called “Overkill” that says it adds overkill damage to your next shot. My question is basically this: does the Overkill skill (in Guardian ranks) mess with or nerf Remnant’s overkill damage in any way? Would I be doing less overkill damage from Remnant if I put enough points into the Enforcer tree and got Overkill? I don’t want to nerf my Remnant orbs in any way, so I wanted to ask before putting more points into Enforcer. Sorry if this isn’t clear or has been asked before!

The only info I could find on this was in [Guide] Overkill Explained. The relevant passage being:

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Ah, this is exactly what I wanted to know! Thanks so much for sharing this.

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I just updated that section after more thorough testing:


Thanks for testing this so thoroughly an be letting us know!

I don’t know the intricacies with Overkill’s various interactions, but all I know is that with an Unforgiven critical on grasped targets (Ties That Bind + Do Harm is a fantastic combo), I end up chaining overkills a lot, and usually see Remnant cleaning up the last mob in a group for millions of damage. 8M is the highest I’ve seen so far. Works great on bosses with adds. Ion Cannon is another great weapon that gets a lot out of it.