Overleveled, should I restart

Soo I bought the GOTY edition on Steam the other day. This being my second playthrough I stuck with Mordecai again. The first one was on a vanilla game. Now after a couple of hours of playtime (around the time you are to go to the mines) I decided to try a dlc, namely the Island. I entered Jacobs Cove at around lvl 11-12. I finished the dlc and am now lvl 23. Is there any way to make the game enjoyable again, because at the moment I’m using a Jakobs sniper hitting for 240 and every enemy is one-shot. Loot is useless. Experience is 1 point per kill. Should I restart and refrain from playing the dlcs until the vanilla content is done? Is there a fix for this? Why wasn’t it taken into consideration that players might do the dlcs earlier in the game and ruin their experience unwillingly?

I don’t think there is really a fix as far as I know.

The way I go about it is do both vanilla playthrough then start doing the DLCs. I think there was a guide on the old forums that helped keep stuff on level through the whole game.

Yep: see this thread for the outline and a link to the original thread on the old forums.

@kerkezeto: If you run through doing only story missions, you might level out a bit before hitting the final part of the story. If you try that route, I’d recommend catching up with the missed side-quests on a new (different) character rather than picking them up on second play-through, as otherwise you’ll risk getting seriously over-levelled again.


Ok then. So I started a new game with Lilith. Now something odd is happening. I’m lvl 14 and lvl 11 bandit killers are giving me 78 xp. They also take quite the beating before dying. I don’t remember well, but 3 lvls difference should mean the xp being in the single digits? Or am I wrong?

Depends on their type as well as their level. I’d just take it. Take it take it take it!

Trust me, when you face bosses in this game you’ll be glad you’re overleveled.

Welp, I just faced the rakk-elephant thing being lvl 31. It spawned as a lvl 28 boss. I just stood there shooting magazine after magazine at his eyes, then a couple of more after they all four blew up and it died. Took no damage. Everything in the Thrash Coast is 3-4 levels bellow me and I just unlocked this region. WTF

BL games seem to have fixed min/max ranges for the level of each map when you them for the first time (main story progression). Hopefully the map level will be closer to your character on the next one, so that you’re about right by the time you start the final plunge.

Usually I kinda agree with the suggested levels for the missions. However for the endgame of PT2 I really liked that I was 4 levels overpowered. Those Guardians have shields with a capacity of 3000 it seems at times xD
Also their 99,9% accuracy makes them a bit frustrating if you just died and have to walk 200 m back to the fight while they’re already spamming Eridian attacks on you.

And yeah the Rakk Hive is way too easy for a boss. I’m sure you’ll get more of a challenge in some other later missions.


Oh yeah you can alwayus to strip yourself of a few levels if you réally don’t like how much easier it has become.

Edit2: Removed reference to some software we’re not supposed to mention

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