Overloaded with legendaries

Hello, I have a ton of legendaries that I’m not using and I don’t want to throw them out. If anyone is looking for something let me know and if I have it I’ll send to you.

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Have any of the new weapons, or any Amara 250%/300% annoited you’re looking to get rid of?

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Have any recurring or mirv-tacular Hex (cryo)? Thanks! GT: ThinhDTo

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Have any Shredifiers or conference calls?
Gt. RavenMock3r
Thank you

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Any fire handsome jack hammers.
Gt. Pbodyjel
And thanks very much. Even if you don’t. Still a nice jester.

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Anything that’s radiation, guns, grenades, would be great. Even better if it is anointed with Gamma Burst.
GT is dafatman911

Big thank you in advance!

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Any Lucians Calls or Unending Magnificents?

GT: Janos Antero

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Any annointed cutman’s( shock if possible but ok of course if not) at all or that new emp5?..Rng is not being kind…Thanks in advance…GT. X PsYkoTiC1 X

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LF a Cutpurse Deathless if you have a spare


Cryo hex grenade

Ice breaker Otto idle relic

Maggie with Cryo damage on ase

Corrosive cuts-men

Brainstormer annotiment for beastmaster or just a non character annotiment

Any of those??

Thank you for reading my message
GT: CrimsonMyrrh

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Looking for a

Flesh-melter deathless or a cutpurse deathless

GT: lnemuri
*thats an L, not an i in the first character

I got y’all when I get back. I don’t have an extra deathless. Sry

If you happen to have any shock mirv/homing everblasts, I’d gladly check my stash if you’re looking for anything particular! Thanks! GT - BlazinNok

Thanks man!

Happy hunting!

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I’ll take any of the new legendaries (mayhem 4 and maliwan takedown) you’re not using . GT is D4RK W0LF 03

Do you have a Super Supercharged Everblast++ (shock,mirv,homing) shotgun that you don’t need?

Thanks for those cutmans bro…you ever need anything let me know

Looking for terror anointed grenade with 50% cryo dmg or additional crit dmg and/or a face puncher with either anointments

I don’t know how this works ( sending guns), but I will have anything you have spare please. Trying the game on uvhm and struggling with purple and blue weapons. Thank you.