Overloaded with legendaries

Looking for amaras spiritual driver or flaks rakk pack mods, willing to trade have alot of legendaries :slight_smile:

Looking for rakk damage gear

wouldn’t happen to have an annointed night hawkin 50% ase electric damage? GT: Tenebrouswulf

Thank you for the for everything you have sent to me. You could have just deleted your excess and made life easy for yourself but chose instead to share your good fortune with the community. That says a lot about the kind of person you are, certainly unselfish and generous. Thank you again.

I am looking for a corrosive Lucians if anyone has an extra willing to give or trade.

GT: Aggitated Yeti

If anyone is willing to give a Brainstormer or any artifact with Radiation dmg and mag size, I would be very grateful!
GT: dafatman911

Hi if you have Rough-Rider shield it would be so nice. :slight_smile:

GT: Ventura900

I’m going to run through the missions again over the next couple days. I’m sure this stuff will pop up.


Hi. I just hit level 50 on Amara. If you still have any extra legendaries you can part with. I would love to take them off your hand.

Gamertag Gassy Cajun

Do you have a roid rough rider?

Thank you again for the gun. Many thanks. xx

If you have a r4kk p4k class mod, please send me one. Thanks Tom GT = ChaseDGamer08

You have any ase element damage transformers?

Do you have any Band of Sitorak w/ ASE damage reduction or Shock Hex w/ :Grenade thrown + damage?

Any good flak stuff or 100% ase weapons would be nice. Gt ChilledFish88 cheers in advance

I dont

Any chance you have:

a front loader w/ a good anointment for Moze

A cutpurse deathless artifact (bonus points for good bonuses for a tediore Chuck build)

Purple Homing MIRV Tediore shotguns

I’ll look when I get back from a trip.

Do you have a Stop-Gap shield w/ ASE 50% elemental damage, or any of the following w/ ASE +50% any element: Lyuda, Rowan’s Call, Butcher, Companion, Brainstormer, or Kyb’s Worth?