Overly Homogenous/OneColoured Skins

EDIT: I kind of want this in general, but I am hesitant as it is mainly about Whiskey.

I recently got “It’s Lavender Foxtrot!” and that is when I noticed- looking at each of his skins currently- that none of them really have multiple colors or even shades really. I undestand this is a problem for a lot of characters in the game have this problem as well.

Whiskey’s default skin looks like it has a main color (red) and a trim color (white) in his armor. His metal implants are also their own color.

Every single skin after that has a solid color. “Its Lavender Foxtrot!” (which is actually Salmon Pink and not Lavender, but that’s another topic for debate) makes him completely pink: His implants, the formerly white bits of his armor. Everything is now pink. The default skin would suggest that this would have a little bit of variation maybe. It doesn’t. It is a solid definitely-not-lavender color where the only thing to break up this gross homogeneity is his (ironically lavender) skin.

I know that some characters such as ISIC have very good multiple colors for their skins and it shows clearly from the first skin unlock of Blue and Red. Whiskey has almost none. The only red in his blue and red skin are the little lights on his helmet. And apparently his implants. For some reason.

Could we please give everyone’s eyes a break by revising skins like this? I think a lot of the WTF skins would look great with a bit of a change in their colors.


Oh, yes. Almost all heroes skins we have now are boring - not because they are recolors but because they are boring recolors. And in the case of WF they got to like the highest level of boredom.

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His skins does not look bad to me.

When the first skin you unlock almost look identical to the rank 15 one…

As a rank 11 Whiskey, he may be the worst character in the game and clearly with the worst skins. Really hope gearbox addresses this

The only thing that changes color is the color of the armor. In with that it not a bad skin and it does not look bad to me. Some characters changes color completely. I find most other heroe have far worst skins then Whiskey’s. A lot of them are very ugly.

It seems lreally behidn the other character’s skins IMO. The blue unlock and the varelsi-colored unlocks for rank 15 don’t seem to have significant dual color appearances, whereas most other characters still have dual colors. Its just a solid color for Whiskey. Look at ISIC or Oscar Mike and you see a huge difference in quality.

I think if Whiskey had tattoos the recolors would look a bit better on him

Well the dual colors on the others do not exactly looked good to me.

I have not played Whiskey too much but got to like level 6 or smthing and i was thinking this legendary i got last night could change the whole world for Whiskey, gonna try it tonight.image

This isn’t all that relevant to skins but I do need to know where you got this from. It is amazing.

I am currently using the other rifle stock legendary that reduces recoil by 1.5% per bullet(cap 10) + its default 13% reduction, but this looks way better.

It is a hylis drop?


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i have his all white spooky WF skin that one is pretty nice

i have a set of goggles with a ability on them that on crit dam your enemy shield to take 8 seconds before recharging

I am definitely going to begin grinding for this.

D&D crit-mechanics (dat 1/20 chance) foxtrot is going to be one hell of a thing. Especially when he ults.

I imagine this could work on anyone with Full or semi auto as well, possibly out-classing Whiskey’s use of it.

ISIC for example does 50 dmg on a crit with a minor bolt. Normally those are impossible to land consistently-- but with this?

I can see this thing getting ridiculed by others for making this game RNG-based so I better get one and enjoy it while I can.

On topic: Can’t wait for our T2 and 3 Whiskey skins. Gearbox pls.

As much as I love the taunts, I hate the skins. Nearly all of them look like they just 50% multiplied the whole character with a certain color. I would so much love to see alternate heads like in Borderlands (please support \o/) or at least a more tender coloring of the actual skins.

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