Overpower level 4-8

Anyone out there willing to help me out with my op3 siren? any help greatly appreciated. have a nice day. also my other character would need over power levels also including: axton,gaige,krieg each need overpower level 1-8. my assassin needs op2-8. and my other mechro needs op level 3-8. like i said before any help with these characters would be awesome. for that help i do the same for you as well op levels. My psn id is: AngelofLove57

Edit: Siren is OP8 now.
5 characters left to max out their op levels.

I have a op4 siren, we could help each other :wink: psn:Zyrotrox

thanks for the offer. my friend GOODYEARBLIMP is a great help.

any other people wanting to help my other characters reach op8 or at least reach op4?
So no takers i suppose.

Hey I just got 72, I could do some digistruct runs with ya.

Update: Zero OP2
2 Gaiges OP2 & OP4
2 Mayas OP8s
Gunzerker OP8
Axton, Krieg 72.

Anyone else who is op8 can still help if wanted.
sigh taking a break.

Hi,could you help me power leve pls psn is anuk666 currently lol 42.

now taking requests helping my characters to op8 one at a time. i in no rush to get to max op level.
sigh no luck so far and it seems difficult to find anyone just to help out with the op levels.

What timezone are you in? I have an Op4 commando that I want to get to OP8 so would happily do some runs with you. I am in Europe and most of my BL2 time is currently levelling up my mechro - only 62 atm. So I am co-oping the game with another player. As I already have 3 x OP8 toons (Sal, Axton, Maya) I would prefer to run them with someone rather than trade carries. PSN n-o-cal

central time zone. my updated characters which are: gaige op4 and other gaige op4. digistruct peak assistance still open to anyone willing to lend a hand. only need the current characters mentioned in this post which is the mechromancer to op8 for now.

I’m op3 and I could help out psn:stm3591

you could? maybe help my commando and psycho to op 1?

Another Update: Gaige is now OP6. taking another break for now.

Can anyone help me power level to 50 on tps?

I can help with op levels. I use my siren who is maxed out. Op8 legendary cat build with the sandhawk. Lord_Sylton is my psn and im in central time zone. Its been a bit since ive been on, had to take a break before i got burnt out

this seems so difficult some players do 2 levels then go offline. not much help here trying to get my mechro from op6 to op8.

I help when i can. I’m married with 3 kids and 2 large dogs. I play when i can manage to find time in the middle of all that chaos.

well if you can i appreciate it. that’s a big responsibility for ya, good luck.

I have no problem helping out. I enjoy borderlands. Its definitely one of the games on my top 5 games list. What we can do is schedule a day or time that works for both of us and set that up.

hey highest i have is a lvl 68 explosive axton with meh gear but i would so be down would be a blast let me know. also if you or someone you know has any legendary gren mods lvl 68+ or a legendary soldier mod above lvl 50 that would be awesome.