Overpower levels in BL3

I think these should make a comeback.
As much as love UVHM in BL2, I think Pre-sequel did it right by making it more accessible. It only lacked OP levels to make it challenging.

You have to play UVHM if you want to get to max level. OP levels on the other hand are not a requirement to play on. It’s basically a difficulty slider. So I think somewhere down the line they should be added!
What do you guys think?


I’d like to see the OP levels back too.
At first, I thought these weren’t for me: I don’t play a lot of FPS, I’m not an expert marksman…
With time though and the help of the community via builds and general tips, I learned to play with a bit more finesse and I started enjoying the challenge.
It was a pleasant and surprising experience for me so I hope something similar will happen with BL3.

Krieg was the only character I took up to level 72 (that was the max, right?) but never made it into the OP levels, but I think they should definitely be in the new game. I’ll give 'em a try at some point, even back in B2, though I have to climb all the way again as I only recently started playing all the games on PC…I was previously a console-only player. But I just built my first PC, so I’m having at all three previous games again.

I hope so, getting to OP8 was a struggle, but actually playing on OP8 was perfect


So long as I can do them solo if I want… that was damn nigh impossible without others helping out. ALSO! Just give them giant health pools. Health regen was… a tad too much. I enjoy a challenge, but “regaining the HP I just took out in the time it takes me to reload” does not equate to “challenge”.


I hope they will add them again. OP levels added some desired challenge that made the game fun for non casual players.

I’d just like to point out that Digipeak was supposed to be really hard because it’s pretty much the ultimate gauntlet of the game.

As for the health regen outside of surveyors and turrets it never really bothered me and I thought it added a nice extra layer to the fights and giant health pools would’ve really hurt everyone capable of taking an enemy down before it can regen. I don’t think anyone wants every single enemy to be more of a bullet sponge than they already were.

That said in TPS there was no health regen. Enemies shields were tougher than BL2 but not by too much. That’s something I could appreciate coming back.


And regen really hurts everyone with a larger reload time or if they haven’t farmed the highest grade equipment. It’s kinda a double edged sword. Have it one way and you alienate one group. Have it the other and you alienate the other. Honestly, the regen makes them bullet sponges anyhow, might as well make it so your damage sticks and you at least feel like you’re making progress. That’s how I view it anyhow.

More health/ heath regen may not be the answer. Maybe giving enemies new abilities, etc. Otherwise it is kinda just artificial challenge instead of something that promotes strategy and critical thinking. Making it so you just spend more time on the enemy or just bash your head against a self-repairing wall isn’t really genuine challenge if we’re honest.

I wouldn’t mind them returning, but something needs to be done about loot scaling if they return. I think all guns should just stay at “max” level, and scale in power with each OP level. The main thing that put me off on the OP levels was having to refarm the same guns that I already spent hours farming for every time I went up a couple of OP levels.

Personally though, I really hope this game has some actual “end game” content that isn’t just replaying the same campaign on higher difficulties. Something analogous to Diablo 3’s rifts would be awesome, and would fit this game perfectly. When I spend all that time farming for awesome gear to complete my perfect build, I’d like some legit post-game dungeons to try it out on.


I want them back too or something similar as OP levels can leave the rest of the game more balanced. I totally get everyone that found The Pre-Sequel’s UVHM as too easy, but it was just more accessible and better balanced.

Hell, just implement a difficulty slider from UVHM onwards. Let people enjoy their own level of difficulty.


I agree on the farming, but then you don’t really benefit from part of the point of OP levels. You could go to lower levels and feel powerful. Maybe if you could choose the OP you played on AND the OP of equipment? Might be a tad too much though…

OP levels wouldnt bother me but i wasnt a fan of slag. Hope it doesnt return or some other form of the element.

I agree, my only gripe with OP levels was, I could select OP level from the menu but my gears would not change levels. It made it harder to play with your friends who are on on lower OP level if you are way higher. Or like you said re-farming the weapons, best would be if there is an option to choose “Scale gears to current OP” in OP level select menu.

I don’t think refarming in itself was that bad. The problem for me in refarming was just when the stuff that you want to farm for is a quest reward that can’t be obtained anywhere else. Either you need to get a good version of the stuff on the first try or you need to resort to dashboard farming on console or read-only farming on PC and let’s face it: that is just stuff that shouldn’t be happening. The rewards are so lucrative that you want them and them specifically but the only way to half reliably get them is to keep resetting your campaign and then go do this really boring save-quit or even restart-the-game farming. Red text guns shouldn’t be quest rewards or at least obtainable as drops afterwards.

Same thing could be said about the grinder in TPS that I never want to see again. The base idea is kind of ok but at the end of the day it’s the only real way of obtaining quite a few red text gear in the game and you know what happened? read-only and dashboard farming happened.

Having to go farm gear by actually killing enemies between a couple of OP levels was fun, for me at least. If we get a system for re-gearing parts in BL3 it will be even more fun because you can more readily get what you want instead of farming something for hours and still only getting a so-so version of it at the end of the day…

Another thing I had kind of a problem with in OP levels is that Digipeak even with it’s spawn variations just is too repetitive for me. Different areas for obtaining different OP levels would have been great, especially since Digipeak doesn’t have all different kinds of enemies.

Heck, could even make obtaining some OP levels different kind of quests like something along the lines of BA challenges where you get a list of things that you need to do a certain amount of to obtain +1 OP level that would just open up on max level so you could progress it naturally while going about your regular OP climb or just drop to the lowest OP level for a quick grind if you wanted it fast.

OP levels I do want back. The way OP levels are obtained I want more variation on.
Also I think it was said somewhere that the game already has some sort of a level sync that allows you to play with lower level players without steamrolling or ruining it for them so I think that’s under control.


100% want them back and I want them from the get go. But I know we won’t get them initially, just sucks that we’ll be paying for the same stuff as we did in bl2. Maybe my expectations are out of touch, but I’d love to have a bunch more content available at release. It’s been 7 years. If we get roughly the same amount of content as bl2, I think we’ll all be irate. There’s no reason to put the cap at level 50.

You certainly do NOT speak for me here. The amount of content in the BL1 and BL2 launches were fine by me, first playthrough took around 35 hours, and the same amount of play-time in BL3 will also be fine. I’m happy to have more - but I certainly won’t be mad about it if there isn’t more game time at launch. Besides, the re-playable nature of Borderlands means far more than 35 hours (or whatever the first playthrough brings).

As to the OP - absolutely loved the Digistruct Peak! The OP levels for successful completions of each round felt very rewarding, great system, hope we see something similar in BL3. Since it would likely come after the planned max level is attained I don’t see it coming in the base game - which works for me.


I get where you are coming from. I’ll likely have 4 playthroughs done by Christmas. This is made specifically for new consoles so I’d hope they’ll be able to give us more content and not just better looking content. Bl2 and tps look fine to me, I just want more.

Reminder folks OP was added to the game because the community demanded more challenge. The devs came up with the system in response, constrained by making do within the game’s existing design. It wasn’t part of any original intent.

Starting fresh, they’ll have much more a free hand.


I played every character at OP8 in BL2 and think OP levels existed for an unnecessary gear grind. They brought nothing to the table aside from making every enemy a bullet sponge and reliance on health gating mechanics. I think Presequel had damage scaling right and didn’t miss OP levels one bit.

They could easily add modifiers that change with specific content to increase difficulty without making everything a slog.

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Speaking only for myself, and I am unanimous in this, what I DON’T like about the Level 72 + 8 OP Levels system is that it leaves you with Skills in your Trees that you couldn’t max out. Eliminate the OP Levels and instead let us TOTALLY Max Out our characters with MAXIMUM Skill Points in EVERY Skill in EVERY Tree! MORE POWER!!! :rofl: :smiling_imp: