Overpowered legendaries

Going to compile a list of absolutely dumb OP gear loadouts that GBX should probably fix because it is ruining everybody’s experience.

Voxis/M-pulse/Bola’s on Attikus - hedronic arc chains to everything Attikus damages so voxis and mpulse spread it like the plague. To top it off though, he can’t get silenced or CCed out of it and you’re wounded the entire time.

Double hug - having one easy to hit stun wasn’t enough? Well here’s two! CC is already broken enough as it is in this game we don’t need 4 seconds of stun in the span of 6-7 seconds from one character. Just remove all cc effects from the second mine and we should be good.

Borrowed timer, specifically on Kelvin - you thought 4 seconds of stun was bad, just wait. With this piece of gear you can get effectively 8 seconds of constant CC from one character. Or you could sub in into ice wall and then once you hit 10% of your max health just sub out and use ice wall to stun anyone who dares chase you. You could also run medical nano colony to really solidify how brokenly annoying you are.

Have any other legendaries you want removed from the game or at least tweaked significantly?


Id expect a Reddit post from you :upside_down:

Anyways, not much people run double hugs… But I agree with your other picks.


Just went against a certain group of players who abused double hug/borrowed timer kelvin for about the fifth time now. Tired of people running the CC heavy meta to the extreme.


Well tbh you are very skilled and you probably run with equally skilled players. Maybe other teams feel like that have to resort to such tactics to have a chance of winning?


I’ve come to the point where I simply want them to be unusable in PvP. If you have it in a loadout, then you simply can’t acivate it.

It should restore some form of balance to PvP as well as allowing for more crazy, or legendary effects in PvE.

At least when I’m with @Supernovasnipe, we don’t take most matches too seriously. We play who we want rather than what would be the most beneficial to play (while still maintaining a level of comp. awareness). But it’s difficult to play who you want for fun when the opposing team is stacking legendaries which would be rough on even a proper comp.

Take this for instance;

Voxis-Bola’s Orendi w/ instant pillars and an Attikus running OotS, BotB & a third legendary (can’t remember which one). Attikus would’ve been able to wreck anything in a brawl with that set-up and Orendi, well, everyone knows how she is with Bola’s-Voxis.

Or this one;

This is probably the best example of what Nova’s talking about.

We had a similar game when I was playing with @odiferous_hermit & his friends. The enemy had a Toby w/ double hug, Whiskey w/ 5-ringer discounter & Orendi w/ firmware update. We couldn’t puncture through what they had because of sheer numbers, all that cooldown reduction made the match a lot more one-sided than it otherwise would’ve been.


That “bitches love stuns” video is exactly what I’m talking about, same people and everything.


I was thinking of them when reading the OP. They were the ones using

as well. I’ve sadly just settled for expecting them to abuse such legendaries. It’s a shame really since you could get some nice, competitive games against them. And while they may be competitive now, they’re not too enjoyable a lot of the time because of just this.

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Nova’s point is still absolutely true and I agree with it, but I have to say there’s something poetically comical (and mildly cathartic) about Galilea getting gang banged by CCs.

Personally I never found Double Hugs to be that huge of an issue, but Voxis/M Pulse/Bola’s/Borrowed Timer/etc etc really widen the cracks in BB’s gameplay. Imo BB’s core gameplay is great but mired in a web of issues that drag it down. Including the orange abuse and CC stacking to the extreme.


I’m pretty sure that was @lucasatlive’s and the teams point.


If so, i missed it. There’s a difference between making you have a chance of winning and making even games one-sided.

That particular game would’ve been a good game had it not been for the legendaries as the teams were evenly stacked.

But yeah, in other circumstances using legendaries can make un-even games more even.


This is a competitive PvP game. The winner should be whoever is more skilled, correct? Using gear that is blatantly OP does not constitute skill. It’s the sort of mentality that just because everyone can use it makes it balanced. With that way of thinking, release day alani, Beatrix, and galilea were balanced and shouldn’t be nerfed.


This Thread should be really titled remove legendaries from pvp. because nerfing them into not being useful is the same thing. I personally like the idea of legendaries, they are a late game build. maybe it could be emphasized more in terms of balance. to me you run cheaper stuff if you want more of an early game strength, but you sacrifice you late game. having builds be optimal at different moments in the game seems far more interesting mechanically than just outright not wanting legendaries.


Don’t put words in my mouth nova.

This is the post being responded too, not the valid issue you had with legendary balance. I’d recommend removing it entirely as it undermines the objectivity of your first post by making it a personal issue with specific people you feel are using cheap tactics.

@SirWalrusCrow, the reason I can’t get behind your recommendation on legendary’s being banned is because it’s a generalization. The vast majority of the legendary’s in this game are perfectly fine or still overpriced for what they give. Your issues with a few of the more useful ones are valid, but doesn’t warrant the removal of an entire level of gear choices from casual pvp. The games stale enough as it is, it doesn’t need less options for play style.


The games stale enough as it is, it doesn’t need less options for play style.

I agree I think this game needs more depth. it is one of the things I liked about starcraft. This game needs more resource management strategy and builds that work at different moments in a game like starcraft. it would really elevate that competitive depth of the game.


Yeah, went on a bit of a tangent. My bad.


I think they should just reintroduce draft, preferably with the addition, that all legendaries are permanently banned from it. Like they always were in every competetive Event so far.

Also double hug is Indeed too strong. Just think about it a for a moment: With tobys dps and two stuns, its just an instant death for anyone, making toby with double hug one of the strongest 1v1 characters in the game, while still being not only a sniper, but also mostly a wave clearer. Imagine Orendi having a double stun.

  • The Oath of the Sustained is a POS after it was nerfed twice. They reduced the lifesteal effect from 8.4% to 2.8%, and the legendary effect no longer heals yourself or your minions like it did in 6/16. It can only heal your 4 Battleborn allies based of the health damage you do. It’s just a waste of shards.

  • And the Vow of Vengeance is just a worse version of the the Symbiotic Gauntlet 9 times out of 10.

While I still maintain that position, that legendaries aren’t inherently bad, I’ve just come to want that now as the very least as a temporary solution. But I think @EdenSophia put it well here;

Poor "M-Pulse" Controller - Underappreciated? - #46 by EdenSophia

@blainebrossart1 also had a good idea a while back about seperating PvE & PvP legendary effects. In PvE you have a certain effect, and in PvP it’s another stat boost.

And with how slow the balance updates are coming now, I don’t want to rely on those to readjust them accordingly when something arises.

As I said with in my post in May though, stacking max health can be construed as cheap as well, so it would only be a partial, temporary solution.

No, but it doesn’t necessarily need more either given that there are 30 characters and 672 non-legendary pieces of gear. While a lot, if not most, or not viable, you can still pump out different combinations of loadouts to cater to what you’d like.

I know I’m still tinkering with my loadouts despite having 1300h+ into the game, only 3 of which have legendaries. And all 3 are for Ops, not PvP.



I can’t remember whether it was Vow of Vengeance, Hedronic Amplifier or Leonore’s Lament. But all of them work well on Attikus for brawling purposes.

Though I’d say Vow of Vengeance is better than Symbiotic Gauntlet on Attikus. So while SG may be better than VoV 9/10 times, that 1 time when it’s bettr is on Attikus since his health isn’t going to stay high for the most part, which will result in lower damage output. As well as just VoV buffing Attikus’ attack speed as well, making him more of a formidable brawler.


gbx needs to bring back pvp draft queue and disallow use of legendaries. otherwise i still say in pubs anything goes. there are players who will always use legendary gear and there isn’t much you can do about it other than running the same broken gear combos yourself. whatever is left of our community has turned into a giant salt mine, couple that with toxic inflated egos - this is now the current state of “competitive” battleborn.