Overpowering On Borderlands 2

Overpowering On Borderlands 2

Hey all! I am level 72 played digistruct peak challenge a few times, don’t seem to overpower? what am I doing wrong? do I need to play it on True Vault Hunter Mode or can I do it on Normal Mode? I have tried saving after challenge and coming back but don’t get the pop up asking me if I want to come in at Overpower 1, have checked up on line but still confused!!!

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@peterennie if ya want to unlock over power levels, you need to play in ultimate vault hunter mode. normal or true vault doesn’t unlock op levels. Good Luck.

What game mode did you do it on?

cheers Bud

normal I think?

Your level 72 in normal mode?

Select your character from the main menu screen and then select Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode (UVHM). When you select continue, if you don’t get another message box asking you what OP level you want to play in, then you didn’t finish Digistruct Peak (DP) in UVHM and will have to do it again in UVHM. If the enemies in DP weren’t at your level or higher, then you didn’t finish it in UVHM. Only finishing it in UVHM unlocks the OP levels, the other two play-throughs don’t count.

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Thank you to you all for your help, well explained everyone :0

ok I was in UVHM yesterday, played Digistruct Peak Solo and finished it, still no Overpower 1 ? but I was thinking will I have to finish the whole game (storyline) in UVHM before I tackle Digistruct Peak and before I OP? man I am so confused again :slight_smile: Oh yeh and I am Level 72

According to the wiki, you need to exit the game and reload to gain access to the first OP level. It’s been so long since I’ve first unlocked OP 1 that I don’t remember if this is right or not. If it doesn’t show up after a reload, submit a support ticket because if you finished it at 72, you should have unlocked OP 1 no matter where you are in the main story.

The moment you reload the game, you’ll have the option for OP pop up. It’ll ask you to increase our decrease your OP. Tannis says some pretty spoilery stuff. So I figure they’d expect you to finish the main story line first, but I very much doubt that you’d have to in order to unlock it.