Override Cooldown Relic? What does that mean? Why would I want it?

Strength relics are at the most a stop-gap relic while leveling and are outclassed by every other relic at level 72 and in the OP levels. Once you hit level 72 and start getting better equipment there is no practical reason to equip a strength relic.

The only time I have used one at level 72 is on Maya with a Grog Nozzle with a specific build geared towards trolling Pete the Pushover by making the fireman reject kill himself.


You forgot Sal’s Fist Full of Hurt.

You’re right Gulf. I left it out because I don’t play Sal and I have no idea what it is. Knock back or something?

Yes. He executes a massive uppercut that’ll knock enemies back.

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[quote=“Worblehat, post:2, topic:1555318”]no Maya in her right mind will take Scorn cooldown over a Bone, or a cooldown relic if she’s still under 61[/quote]I haven’t played her at under 61 for quite some time, but past level 72 (when you get your full skill point allotments), I use it on occasion with her, especially when using a regular Phaselock (as in, no Thoughtlock/Sub Sequence); it lets me comfortably put away a slag weapon.

[quote=“johnrr6, post:4, topic:1555318”]nobody takes this over a Bone[/quote] :wave:

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Gaige’s With Claws hasn’t got a cooldown either, so it’s as useless on her as on Zer0, for the cooldown part at least.

Ahhhh. TIL

@Jefe, @Worblehat
With Claws has no cooldown at all, so it doesn’t apply to that skill.

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@MidnightNova, @Nisciunu Yes oops on the With Claws - been a while since I’ve played Gaige ( and I never did spec it ). Editing above post.


Scorn is the only melee override that would be worth considering the usage of a strength relic but as I mentioned earlier it is more for goofing off than serious play. E-tech relics such as the cooldown + elemental relics are simply too good to pass up and for the other classes there are the other E-tech relics as well as possibly allegiance relics to consider; not considering builds such as Deputy Sal who have no room to budge on choice of relic.

Did everyone forget about Sal’s melee build? Override relics are BiS for that, or at least second best next to a cooldown relic.

EDIT: Seems like the thread is gone for some reason, but it’s in the master list.

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I found a video of it, but the thread itself is gone. :dukesad:

/Raises hand

Perhaps not one’s standard meta but I use it a lot, mostly with my Bandit Siren, though the reduction is Scorn cooldown can be handy elsewhere (when fighting constructors for instance). If I’m using it to boost melee as well I have to watch when Scorn is up and when it isnt; otherwise I end up slagging myself, but otherwise it works well. Get a kill, slag with Scorn, the punch everything with Life Tap and Backdraft… Strength Relic complements that pretty neatly.

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Is melee Maya really viable at OP8 or are you playing at 72?

I play at OP3, and yes. I think Derch did some melee Siren at OP8.

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It’s possible to use Maya as a melee oriented character but you have to use the Grog Nozzle and if I remember correctly a COM that either boosts Recompense or Life Tap. Part of the build (again if I remember right) is having your enemies killing themselves for you via hitting you while also keeping them slagged which includes heavy usage of Scorn.

I used such a build for a bit in regular UVHM and it is not a dull build by any means.

Derch did a video at L72 on melee Maya, but not at op8, interesting to know it still works at OP3.

I never really tried this out and I know you’ve mentioned this build before, but I’m very interested. What shield(s) are you using? Roid? or a Tediore? And a Banshee COM?

Roid - if I’m feeling reckless I go with a Love Thumper. I like Banshee as it complements roid shields, but boosted Backdraft suits flesh enemies better. Otherwise health coms are best.

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Well from reading this thread I found out these relics help Mayas scorn cool down which was all I wanted to know. This is fun in multiplayer #scornsplosion. Just want to do it more often.

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