Overshield on Meltdown

I’m probably in the minority on this one, but I can’t stand when someone gets an overshield just because they are near a minion. It is annoying for the Minion to get it so often, but I can look past that. Doesn’t really bother me. However, I can’t look past getting the overshield for such a low reason. Nothing is worse than being 2 seconds away from killing someone, only for them to live and and kill you thanks to a free overshield. I don’t even like getting them. It just seems really cheap. If there is a sequel to this game(and I’d really like to see more from this game), I really hope that is one of the things they nix.

The shepard. I think that’s pretty legit. It encourages players to push with it, and makes it a priority target.

The minions are the focus in meltdown anyway.


Spot on with this.

I see the overshield as that extra bit of ‘encouragement’ to actually focus on pushing the minions to their destination, which is the point of the game. You’re exposing yourself in the open if you follow closely enough to get an overshield (and you do have to be close) so it’s only fair to get this buff.

It does annoy me sometimes when they are almost dead fleeing for their life and accidently get the overshield without even realising where they are on the map.

Gosh, how much I hate overshield. But it is part of the game and brings along tactical choices.

I do get that and that is the reason the overshield on the minions doesn’t bother me. Of course they are the main center of attention, but if you do not kill the enemy they will kill you in order to stop you from killing their minions. So to me the overshield on the minions works, because that does motivate me to kill them faster before they get it making it harder to kill them thus giving the enemy team more time to assist them. But for the enemies to get it? If you are playing this mode you know that your main job is to kill minions. Yes, some might act like it is TDM, but you know the point is to kill minions. Giving someone an overshield while you are busy trying to kill the minions is a little unneeded extra. It’s especially bad when they are in your base. The mode has pretty decent catch-up mechanics that can keep a match intense. But the enemies getting the overshield can erase that. So I can see why people are okay with, I think it is an annoyance in an otherwise great mode(my favorite one too).

Don’t both sides get the shepard at the same interval?

Yes, both sides do get the shepherd at the same. You only get an overshield from your shepherd, not the opposition’s.