Oversphere - daily challenge -?

No idea what they are and there is little to no info about them.

Any idea?

The flying maliwan spheres. Two runs of the takedown was enough to complete the challenge but they’re in a few other maps. Zones in Promethea, I think

Would this include the regions on Skywell when Rhys ball is activated?

Yes. When you drop down into the pit in skywell-27, you get to kill a few of them.


Also Trial of Discipline has them.


This. I save/quit twice there and was done and dusted…

Go to skywell and go kill dinklebot … But do it slowly as he creates them so you do them all with out having to reset


Dinkle bot is close to the begin… do the jump… kill 1st room… at dump truck go right over rocks… dinkle bot spawns behind the dump truck near the building

Since this just cropped up for me today, I’ll add: Nekrotafayo Tazendeer Ruins and the first map - picked up quite a few in the large Maliwan encampments on both of those.